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#1. You want to know why I am giving you a choice, Gabriel? I'll tell you why. There is a core inside of you that has never been touched, not by me, not by Michael, not by Mademoiselle Childers. I want to see what it will take to break into that core. I want to see it now. - Author: Robin Schone
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#2. For a foreigner, L.A. is such a big, wonderful and weird place that, until you find your niche, you feel a little bit discombobulated. - Author: David Lyons
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#3. I had always detested the meddlesome alarmist, who veils ignorance under noisiness, and for ever wails his chant of lugubrious pessimism. - Author: Erskine Childers
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#4. I should have died in ambushes a hundred times. - Author: Sam Childers
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#5. The destiny of all species is extinction as such, fortunately for them. - Author: T.H. White
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#6. I have 179 children that I take care of full-time: close to 40 in Uganda and the rest in Sudan. - Author: Sam Childers
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#7. Take a step or two forward, lads. It will be easier that way. - Author: Erskine Childers
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#8. Sometimes, America, when something's too bad, we don't want to look at it. We want to turn our head. - Author: Sam Childers
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#9. My decision to become a lawyer was irrevocably sealed when I realized my father hated the legal profession. - Author: John Grisham
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#10. I don't like to consider myself a normal preacher. When you look at religious people, they're the ones who hung Christ from the cross. I look at myself as a man carrying a message of hope. - Author: Sam Childers
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#11. The meditation traditions I started and have continued practicing have all emphasized inclusivity: anyone can do this who is interested. - Author: Sharon Salzberg
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#12. I started out doing something little. I went to Africa to spend five weeks putting roofs on a building. I seen the small child that stepped on a land mine. Three months later, I'm back helping pull the land mines out. Little things just kept getting bigger and bigger and bigger. - Author: Sam Childers
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#13. I tell people all the time, 'Don't give up.' We get almost to our blessing, whether you believe spiritually in God or in a good force and an evil force. We get almost to our blessing, and we quit. Don't stop. - Author: Sam Childers
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#14. As much wrong as I did in life and as many people as I hurt, I can say that God never stopped talking to me. I just stopped listening. - Author: Sam Childers
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#15. I love you because I don't know how to not love you. Becuase I can't imagine my world without you, and I don't ever want to have to face that again. Because you are sweetness and light and life, and you see me as the man I could be not as the man I am. - Author: Catherine Gayle
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#16. All my life, from birth, it's been a fight. And it always seemed to be another man's war. I always seemed to be fighting for someone else. But it always came back to me. The Word says we're born into sin, and sin always comes back to war. - Author: Sam Childers
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#17. My family's a very musical family, so music's always been a part of my life. - Author: Casey James
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#18. Since that day there is nothing anyone could ever say to convince me that one person cannot change a nation. One person can do unbelievable things. All it takes is that one person who's willing to risk everything to make it happen. - Author: Sam Childers
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#19. Some people are too good to be real; I'm too real to be good. - Author: Mary Childers
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#20. Having an eye is one thing, but you have to be able to execute. - Author: Kelly Wearstler
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#21. When we look forward to heaven, it shouldn't be material items that draw us, but love, joy, peace, and other intangibles. - Patrick Mitchell - - Author: Gary Chapman
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#22. They drove a long way through the snowy woods, till they came to the town of Pepin. Mary and Laura had seen it once before, but it looked different now. - Author: Laura Ingalls Wilder
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#23. I knew I'd be in the UFC since I started my career. - Author: Conor McGregor
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#24. Because the nights bring the threat of invasion and terror to the villages, thousands of children in northern Uganda have become night commuters, leaving the nightmare of capture behind for the safety of the city. - Author: Sam Childers
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