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Top 12 Chic Birthday Quotes

#1. I grabbed her, right there outside the lunch room in the swarming mob. I didn't care if others were watching. In fact, i hoped they were. I grabbed her and squeezed her. I had never been so happy and so proud in my life. - Author: Jerry Spinelli
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#2. And so there is magic. - Author: Neil Gaiman
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#3. If Miles Davis hadn't died it would have been interesting to do an album with him, but there wasn't much else that would have got me into the studio ... although Herbie Hancock has just been in touch about doing something and that would be an interesting combination. - Author: Phil Collins
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#4. A fig-tree looking on a fig-tree becometh fruitful, says the Arabian proverb. And so it is with children; their first great instructor is example. - Author: Samuel Smiles
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#5. Take it like a man and shut the fuck up. - Author: Eminem
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#6. Tears,love,life Who knows how many tears have flown in the Word of God from the creation of the world? - Author: Sorin Cerin
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#7. Following the mirage
here I am at the water's edge
without the feeling of thirst. - Author: Abbas Kiarostami
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#8. The gods, as they are beneficent, if they find anyone who is healthy and whole and unscarred by vice, will send him away, surely, after crowning him, not with golden crowns, but with all sorts of blessings. - Author: Apollonius Of Tyana
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#9. A generation ago there were a thousand men to every opportunity, while today there are a thousand opportunities to every man. - Author: Henry Ford II
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#10. I hope to make the most expensive movie in history at some point! - Author: Dean Devlin
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#11. Fiction is able to do one thing better than any other art form: it is able to convey a convincing sense of what is going on in someone else's head. To me, that is the great mystery of life: what is everyone else thinking? - Author: Arthur Phillips
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#12. I often refer to myself as a radical, reminding people that the word radical comes from the Latin word radix, meaning root. I think we need to get to the roots of problems as we try to solve them. I also like the word anti-capitalist. - Author: Cynthia Kauffman
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