Top 9 Chemistry Valentine Sayings

#1. I was in one of the most grand attitudes I ever struck, with my arm stretched up pointing to the sun. It was a noble effect. You could see the shudder sweep the mass like a wave.

Mark Twain

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#2. The more I am getting to know these so called 'beautiful people' the more I am waking up to their emptiness. For them 'being tall' and 'being fair' is an achievement!

Avijeet Das

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#3. You have my heart. You have my soul and you have my body. No one else. You have to trust me and know that I would never betray you. I love you, and you're not getting rid of me so easily.

Corinne Michaels

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#4. If we study it is not to store up knowledge but to deepen our understanding. Our understanding, in turn, can only deepen as we put it into action.

Thich Nhat Hanh

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#5. Did she ever regret her choices? Were her decisions more clear-cut than mine - or are there always shades of gray whe it comes to matters of the heart?

Emily Giffin

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#6. Some men die for lack of love ... some die because of it. Think about it. - Daemon

Anne Bishop

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#7. Give a small boy a hammer and he will find that everything he encounters needs pounding.

Abraham Kaplan

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#8. So many women are financially dependent on men. So why can't men be dependent on women? I'm totally okay with it.

Sonam Kapoor

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#9. Emily was lucky in many ways. She was lucky in the house she lived in, a house with three balconies, a cupola, banisters just right for sliding down, and the second bathtub in Yamhill County.

Beverly Cleary

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