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#1. It bugged me that the cover bedding was seldom washed, like slapping on a set of sheets made up for a bedspread that contained more germs per inch than the inside of a frat boy's toilet. - Author: Cheryl Bradshaw
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#2. A father can pass on his nose and eyes and even his intelligence to his child, but not his soul. In every human being the soul is new - Author: Hermann Hesse
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#3. Hatreds never cease by hatreds in this world. By love alone they cease. This is an ancient Law. - Author: Gautama Buddha
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#4. I will wait for you, Vivienne. I don't care how many centuries it takes before you're ready, but I will wait for you. - Author: Bella Forrest
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#5. Man cannot breathe with borrowed lungs. - Author: Mahatma Gandhi
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#6. Consumer banking - selling debt to middle class families - has been a gold mine. - Author: Elizabeth Warren
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#7. Lack of genius never held anyone back. Only time wasted on resentment and daydreaming can do that. - Author: Dorothy Dunnett
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#8. There are bad people in the world: Murderers and psychopaths and telemarketers who won't take no for an answer. - Author: Jennifer Lynn Barnes
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#9. ...I'm in a little bubble of warmth, just like I had with Ellis, a place I never thought I'd be again. - Author: Kathleen Glasgow
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#10. I was 11 or 12 years old when I first saw 'Reservoir Dogs.' I remember after I saw that film, I kept renting it from the video store because I wanted all of my friends to see it. - Author: Samm Levine
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#11. Respect is EARNED but honor is GIVEN. - Author: Craig Groeschel
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