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#1. There are few jobs in the world that are more fun than being the head of Urban Development for a great and thriving city. - Author: Juan Enriquez
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#2. Athletes, coaches and parents today are increasingly aware of the danger of concussion, and this awareness influences decisions about buying new and reconditioned football helmets. - Author: Tom Udall
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#3. Few can contemplate without a sense of exhilaration the splendid achievements of practical energy and technical skill, which, from the latter part of the seventeenth century, were transforming the face of material civilization, and of which England was the daring, if not too scrupulous, pioneer. - Author: E.F. Schumacher
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#4. The amount of women you hear say, "If Donald - or Arthur - or whatever his name was - had only lived." And I sometimes think but if he had, he'd have been a stout, unromantic, short-tempered, middle-aged husband as likely as not. - Author: Agatha Christie
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#5. The world is proof that God is a committee. - Author: Bob Stokes
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#6. Original sin - that is to say, the sin of having been born with human nature that contains within it the temptation to evil - will always make a mockery of attempts at perfection based upon manipulation of the environment. - Author: Theodore Dalrymple
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#7. Bush is a natural-born loser with a filthy-rich daddy who pimped his son out to rich oil-mongers. He hates music, football and sex, in no particular order, and he is no fun at all. - Author: Hunter S. Thompson
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#8. I can learn to live with guilt. I don't care about being good. - Author: Holly Black
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#9. I used to be treated like an idiot, now I'm treated like an idiot savant. - Author: Martin Cruz Smith
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