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Top 56 Change Break Up Quotes

#1. This storm we are in concerns me greatly. Even in the midst of the storm I know the Son shines from behind the clouds and will eventually break through completely. There is hope. Let's impact this change together. - Author: Bobby F. Kimbrough Jr.
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#2. It doesn't take a miracle or a natural disaster to live in the world that you're after, the change is gonna happen to you - Author: Michael Tolcher
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#3. What matters is this: Being fearless of failure arms you to break the rules. In doing so, you may change the culture and just possibly, for a moment, change life itself. - Author: Malcolm McLaren
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#4. Break your bad labels instead of living in them. - Author: Orrin Woodward
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#5. My passions were an intersection between peace in the Middle East and climate change. I know how to understand a technology problem, break it into its components and solve it. I also knew I couldn't make peace solely through technological inventions. - Author: Shai Agassi
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#6. Gotta take a risk, take a chance, make a change, and break away. I won't forget the place I came from. - Author: Kelly Clarkson
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#7. The height of success is when you break your business, that is what I say! Just when you think things are really, really going well, that's the time to change. - Author: Edward Zander
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#8. The biggest political change in my lifetime is that Americans no longer assume that their children will have it better than they did. This is a huge break with the past, with assumptions and traditions that shaped us. - Author: Peggy Noonan
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#9. You don't like a particular policy or a particular president? Then argue for your position. Go out there and win an election. Push to change it. But don't break it. Don't break what our predecessors spent over two centuries building. That's not being faithful to what this country's about. - Author: Barack Obama
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#10. Soundless echoes - no voice,
Sadness doth keep thee at bay,
Stagnation rises as ebb & flow,
Nothing alters,
Unless you choose to break away. - Author: Truth Devour
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#11. You may have to break this heart before you can use it. You may have to take it apart and start all over with me. I know it hurts to change, but I don't want to stay the same. Take me. Break me. Do whatever it takes to make me what you need me to be - Author: Willow Aster
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#12. A blossom must break the sheath it has been sheltered by. - Author: Phyllis Bottome
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#13. The partisan wants to change the law, the criminal break it; the anarch wants neither. He is not for or against the law. While not acknowledging the law, he does try to recognize it like the laws of nature, and he adjusts accordingly. - Author: Ernst Junger
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#14. There is a rich literature on how to break out of quandary thinking. It suggests that sometimes it helps to turn from the abstract to the concrete. - Author: Sherry Turkle
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#15. But ... we will always be drawn together. We'll always crave each other. We'll always be in tune with each other, physically and mentally. There is nothing that can change or break that. And even if there was, I wouldn't want to. Not for the world. - Author: Shelly Crane
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#16. There is great change to be experienced once you learn the power of letting go. Stop allowing anyone or anything to control, limit, repress, or discourage you from being your true self! Today is YOURS to shape - own it - break free from people and things that poison or dilute your spirit. - Author: Steve Maraboli
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#17. Obviously you follow the law of the land, there are many laws I disagree with, but you follow the law. You fight to change the law, you don't break the law. I believe that's the American way. - Author: George Pataki
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#18. Change, move, dead clock, that this fresh day
May break with dazzling light to these sick eyes.
Burn, glare, old sun, so long unseen,
That time may find its sound again, and cleanse
Whatever it is that a wound remembers
After the healing ends. - Author: Weldon Kees
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#19. All personal breakthroughs being with a change in beliefs. So how do we change? The most effective way is to get your brain to associate massive pain to the old belief. - Author: Tony Robbins
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#20. This is why we give up on things that break our heart because it requires change. - Author: Andy Stanley
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#21. Choosing to break up your family is one of the most difficult decisions you will make in a lifetime. But once you have come to it; it will be with certainty. Certainty that you are ready to embrace the changes, the challenges and the joys of starting a new life. - Author: Lisa Thomson
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#22. You have to face the very thing you fear.--tdf - Author: Tonya D. Floyd
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#23. I haven't been very impressed lately.
By people,
or places,
or the way someone said he loved me and then slowly changed his mind. - Author: Charlotte Eriksson
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#24. When women break up, more than half the time what we man is, "I need this relationship to change." Or, "I need you to change." When men break up, what they mean is, "I want to break up. - Author: Kim Gruenenfelder
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#25. Love is the kind of thing that's already happening by the time you notice it, that's how it works, and no matter how old you get, that doesn't change. Except that you can break it up into two entirely distinct types
love where there's an end in sight and love where there isn't. - Author: Banana Yoshimoto
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#26. For too long, our society has shrugged off bullying by labeling it a 'rite of passage' and by asking students to simply 'get over it.' Those attitudes need to change. Every day, students are bullied into silence and are afraid to speak up. Let's break this silence and end school bullying. - Author: Linda Sanchez
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#27. Life doesn't change when you meet a guy and life doesn't fall apart when you break up with one. We are teaching young female readers the wrong things through books not only expressing this point, but also using these two concepts as turning plot points of novels. - Author: Meghan Blistinsky
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#28. As can be seen, 'crisis', in its proper sense, expresses something positive, creative and optimistic, because it involves a change, and may be a rebirth after a break-up. It indicates separation, certainly, but also choice, decisions and therefore the opportunity to express an opinion. - Author: Zygmunt Bauman
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#29. Mental health professionals have said for a long time that individuals cannot adapt well to too many life changes at once. If you suffer a loss in the family, change jobs, and move all within a short time, the chances are your own internal stability may break down, or show signs of serious strain. - Author: Ronald A. Heifetz
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#30. Thank you Jonah."
He lowers his head at the break in my voice. I ignore the moisture in his eyes and pretend that mine don't sting.
"For what?" he whispers.
" For showing me that people can change. Even if it is one person out of a million. - Author: Katie McGarry
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#31. Rules, established with reason and justice, can easily outlive their usefulness as circumstances change, yet can remain in force through inertia. It is then not only right, but useful, to break those rules as a way of advertising the fact that they have become useless - or even actually harmful. - Author: Isaac Asimov
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#32. Set a new standard. Change reality. Break ground to something new and different. That achievement will live forever just because you WERE somebody special! - Author: Gerry Lindgren
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#33. The goal with 'Alpha' was to run towards the cliches and then to break through them, and that doesn't change depending on the medium. - Author: Greg Rucka
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#34. It's tempting to believe that a break from life's routine will only cause chaos. But regimen does not ensure security. The only constant we can count on is change. - Author: Gina Greenlee
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#35. When you think about it, words can break your heart, or they can change your day. - Author: Anna Deavere Smith
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#36. Such people are not known for their sense of humour and lightness of touch; they rarely break a smile. To them, change is always suspect and usually damnable, and they hardly ever contribute to human development. - Author: Paul Kriwaczek
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#37. If I have to produce movies, direct movies, whatever to change the way Hollywood treats older women, I'll do it. If I have to bend the rules, I will. If I have to break them, I will. - Author: Naomi Watts
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#38. In a world without a destination, we cannot even break ground on our Tower of Babel, and no amount of rush and hurry on our part will change that. - Author: Thomas Ligotti
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#39. It takes a habit to break a habit. You can pray every day for a generous heart, but until you start acting in that direction, nothing's going to change. - Author: Andy Stanley
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#40. Great upheavals produce shock waves that widen cracks in political, economic, and security orders. Sometimes the old orders break. Yet it can be in the power of leaders and peoples to shape the directions of change. - Author: Robert Zoellick
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#41. The door moved aside like a curtain, revealing a scene that would be embedded on my memory for always. It would change everything. Ruin everything. Break everything. - Author: Tarryn Fisher
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#42. There are moments when things just break apart and not really for very valid reasons, either. But they just change your life and make you go in different directions. - Author: Charlotte Rampling
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#43. We are not trapped or locked up in these bones. No, no. We are free to change. And love changes us. And if we can love one another, we can break open the sky. - Author: Walter Mosley
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#44. In a decaying society, art, if it is truthful, must also reflect decay. And unless it wants to break faith with its social function, art must show the world as changeable. And help to change it. - Author: Ernst Fischer
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#45. We're waiting for something to change into something worth waiting for - Author: Michael Tolcher
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#46. Trying to fit in will not change a society. To change it, you have to be brave, fearless, and strong enough to withstand societal criticism so that you may break the boundary and let light come in. - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#47. It's time to break our ties with anything in us that would rather complain about its situation than go to work to change it. - Author: Guy Finley
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#48. You can plan on a change in the weather and time, but I never planned on you changing you mind. - Author: Taylor Swift
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#49. Mindfulness won't ensure you'll win an argument with your sister. Mindfulness won't enable you to bypass your feelings of anger or hurt either. But it may help you see the conflict in a new way, one that allows you to break through old patterns. - Author: Sharon Salzberg
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#50. Circumstances change. Bend or break... - Author: Nora Roberts
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#51. But homosexuality is a combat divider, dividing one's reason to live while taking breaks on the combat field to change diapers all because their treacherous sin causes them to lose control of their bowels. - Author: Gordon Klingenschmitt
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#52. It's interesting when you read the debates in parliaments between MPs about whether they should give women a vote. It's a lot of fear; it is fear of change. It's fear if women get to vote, family structures will break down. Women will stop having children. Women won't vote for war. - Author: Sarah Gavron
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#53. In Einstein's general relativity the structure of space can change but not its topology. Topology is the property of something that doesn't change when you bend it or stretch it as long as you don't break anything. - Author: Edward Witten
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#54. I know that there will be other women, but they couldn't compare. Maybe I'll change, maybe love will change, but I think we were a once-in-a-lifetime. You could never leave me; that's why I am not more upset. You can't possibly break these feelings. They stretch, and they last. - Author: Jodi Picoult
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#55. Look to see the best in everyone - especially in those who refuse to do the same. Perhaps your kindness will break someone's shell or be a catalyst to change their mind - Author: Allison McAtee
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#56. If I break the glass, then I'll have to fly, There's no one to catch me if I take a dive. I'm scared of change, and the days stay the same, The world is spinning but only in gray - Author: Lindsey Stirling
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