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#1. There is accumulation. There is responsibility. And beyond this there is great unrest. - Author: Julian Barnes
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#2. Strike while the iron is hot. - Author: American Proverb.
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#3. We need to act and embrace uncertainty as a pool of opportunity. - Author: Daniel Egger
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#4. A man does not fly like a bird, but one foot moves and then another and one day a man is there, and a king dies. - Author: George R R Martin
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#5. At their core, misogyny and racism are very similar modes of thinking. Both diminish and disrespect a class of people based on a trait that is wholly distinct from their ideas, their carriage and their conduct. - Author: Dessa Darling
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#6. Human life is every where a state in which much is to be endured, and little to be enjoyed. - Author: Samuel Johnson
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#7. 888-838-7727. Part II: A Healthy Look at Medical Care and Compensation Programs - Author: Rod Powers
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#8. There are some people I've met and it's stressful just speaking to them, because they're really pretentious and I don't know how to talk to them without being pretentious back. - Author: Frankie Cosmos
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#9. The daylight needs no praise, and so we praise it always- greater than ourselves and all the airy words we summon. - Author: Dana Gioia
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#10. Firstly, people take for granted that the E.U. has created the biggest economic space in the world. - Author: Peter Mandelson
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#11. The great Cham of literature. (Samuel Johnson) - Author: Tobias Smollett
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#12. Will you oblige me then?' His voice was low and smooth, nearly whispered ...
Everything froze for a moment. Even the flickering lamps seemed to pause, flames surging upward and waiting ...
'No. - Author: Anne Mallory
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#13. The noblest prospect which a Scotchman ever sees, is the high road that leads him to England! - Author: Samuel Johnson
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#14. I have a file in my phone that I'm always adding things to. People accuse me of texting too much but nine times out of ten, I'm not texting anyone. I'm recording ideas. - Author: Alistair Cross
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#15. Let's have another bottle of 'cham,'" said Captain Clutterbuck, when their dinner was nearly over. "'Cham' is the only thing to screw one up when one is down a peg. - Author: Anthony Trollope
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#16. Working-class and poor women are also living outside of marriage, at even higher rates than their more privileged peers. When it comes to unmarried women and money, the unprecedented economic opportunity enjoyed by a few is a small fraction of a far more complicated story. - Author: Rebecca Traister
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