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#1. Although we human adults are really good at understanding other minds, we weren't always that way. It takes children a long time to break into the system. - Author: Rebecca Saxe
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#2. Values and Traditions. Regardless of whether you actively try to pass on your values and beliefs to your baby, she is bound to absorb some of them just by living with you. She'll notice how disciplined you are in your work, how deeply you hold your beliefs, and whether you practice what you preach. - Author: Steven P. Shelov
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#3. That was when I realized all love does is hurt people. It lulls you into a false sense of security, and then bam! You slam into a brick wall of pain. A shit ton of pain. Love destroys people to the point where they don't even care who else they hurt in the process. - Author: Kate Evangelista
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#4. I try to do a variety of physical activities. I spin, take classes at Barry's Boot Camp, go to the gym, use home DVD's of ChaLEAN Extreme workouts, which I think are brilliant, and I run around after my three girls. Also, let's be honest. The amount of laundry I do is an exercise in and of itself! - Author: Alicia Coppola
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#5. Though drowned was just as dead as any other way of dying. - Author: Mercedes Lackey
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#6. I know a lot of cowboys and I've done a little work on ranches with cattle, and those people become your friends, and keep their word. - Author: Tommy Lee Jones
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#7. I always listen to music while I'm working and I always read aloud to my wife. I love to read aloud to an audience because there's a cadence and a beat. There's a music to the language that's very important to me. - Author: T.C. Boyle
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#8. I love Thandie Newton. I love her fashion sense as she is just really classic. - Author: Leona Lewis
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#9. Everything that we know now will be changed in 10 years time. - Author: Dallas Campbell
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#10. It's hard not to get a big head in the film industry, there are people on a set paid to cater to your every need, from the minute you arrive until you go home. It's kind of strange, but not unpleasant. - Author: Eric Stoltz
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#11. Clapper has been straight and direct in the answers that he's given, and has actively engaged in an effort to provide more information about the programs that have been revealed through the leak of classified information - Author: Jay Carney
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#12. Just now I've taen the fit o' rhyme / My barmie noddle's working prime. - Author: Robert Burns
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#13. Winning in Afghanistan is having a country that is stable enough to ensure that there is no safe haven for Al Qaida or for a militant Taliban that welcomes Al Qaida. That's really the measure of success for the United States. - Author: Leon Panetta
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