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#1. Parminder's rage crashed over her like a tidal wave, dragging Sukhvinder with it, so that she was unable to find her feet or right herself. - Author: J.K. Rowling
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#2. Meditation is the study of making the mind still. As your mind becomes still, a power enters you. This power transmogrifies your mind, it escalates your evolution and you begin to cycle through many incarnations in one lifetime. - Author: Frederick Lenz
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#3. If I don't get the goose-bump factor when I'm reading it than I can't do it. - Author: Russell Crowe
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#4. I'm the first Thai prime minister in history that first time win half of parliament seats and second time win 76% of parliamentary seats and I was ousted because too popular. - Author: Thaksin Shinawatra
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#5. If you don't tell her just that, if you don't give her your heart, Aidan, if you don't bare it for her and give her the time to trust what she sees there, you'll never have her. - Author: Nora Roberts
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#6. He hasn't earned your your mercy."
Nessy replied, "Mercy isn't earned. It's given. - Author: A. Lee Martinez
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#7. I think it all comes down to motivation. If you really want to do something, you will work hard for it. - Author: Edmund Hillary
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#8. Curb Your Enthusiasm, is not so much about Hollywood. It's more about Larry's weaknesses. - Author: Kevin Nealon
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#9. Once I climb in, will they believe it's me even if they know who I am, or think I'm just a John Waters impersonator? Which I am in a way every day ... only older. - Author: John Waters
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#10. You know, when something like, even like a coal mine disaster, or something like this, you think that well everybody's going to make a run to be able to get out, but it happened to fast that they were just all dead. - Author: Richard Grimes
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#11. Wearing glasses for reading meant surrendering to old age without the least bit of a fight. - Author: Andrea Camilleri
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#12. I come from a family with big hearts, so I love to put smiles on people's faces. - Author: Elliott Yamin
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#13. So there was fun and magic in my relationship with Toni, even if the prevailing mood when we trained was stony and severe. - Author: Rafael Nadal
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