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#1. Wordsmiths who serve established power ... castrate the public imagination by subjecting language to a complexity which renders it private. Elitism is always their aim.

John Ralston Saul

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#2. The guy hefted the sword, weighing it. "What's a pretty thing like you want with a sword anyway?"
"She's going to use it to castrate guys who ask stupid questions," Blythe answered for me, her voice flat.

Rachel Hawkins

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#3. So help me, if something crawls out of one of these bags, I will castrate you."
"I bet you'd love that."
-Emma and Jackson

Rachael Wade

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#4. We have nothing. We solace ourselves with the great men of our tribe, the Gandhi and the Nehru, and we castrate ourselves. 'Here, take my manhood and invest it for me. Take my manhood and be a greater man yourself, for my sake!

V.S. Naipaul

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#5. The idea of a detached art, of poetry as a charm which exists only to distract our leisure, is a decadent idea and an unmistakable symptom of our power to castrate.

Antonin Artaud

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#6. Valley of the Dogs. Where even if they don't kill you, if someone loves you enough to take you home, they still castrate you.

Chuck Palahniuk

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#7. Don't castrate,
But educate,
At least to masturbate!


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#8. Harvester's heart soared. Reaver had offered to castrate an archangel for her. How sweet was that?

Larissa Ione

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#9. Oh, hell to the no, he did not just storm out of there like a drama queen. She was going to find him and then castrate him.

J. Lynn

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#10. Trades are happening, and I have two players that if they don't get their crap together I'm going to castrate them."

He took in a sharp breath. "Don't castrate my teammates, sweetheart, it will affect how they play.

Toni Aleo

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#11. Take egotism out and you would castrate the benefactors.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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#12. In a sort of ghastly simplicity we remove the organ and demand the function. We make men without chests and expect of them virtue and enterprise. We laugh at honour and are shocked to find traitors in our midst. We castrate and bid the geldings be fruitful.

C.S. Lewis

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#13. There cannot be self-restraint in the absence of desire: when there is no adversary, what avails thy courage? Hark, do not castrate thyself, do not become a monk: chastity depends on the existence of lust.


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#14. Where even if someone loves you enough to save your life, they still castrate you.

Chuck Palahniuk

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#15. It's not if you castrate an entire Roman legion, it's if they believe you did. Perception is everything.

Kresley Cole

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#16. By saying 'God sees into the heart' it denies the deepest and the highest desires of life and takes God for the enemy of life. The saint in whom God takes pleasure is the ideal castrate. Life is at an end where the kingdom of God begins.

Friedrich Nietzsche

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#17. When we destroy it." She spoke clearly now, steadily now. "If it comes in a form with a dick, I will personally castrate it".

Nora Roberts

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#18. Fearing lest it might seem disrespectful to his memory for me to be on good terms with anyone with whom my father had once vowed to castrate.

Seth Grahame-Smith

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#19. If you got to castrate your miser'ble self with a piece o' rusty barb wire, do it.

Fred Phelps

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#20. I am tempted to incapacitate him with the hemlock and then castrate him."
Lena paled. "I don't think that would be very wise," she said. "And the only knife we own is what I use for the cooking. You're not using that."
"I was planning on using a spoon," Honoria replied.

Bec McMaster

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#21. Phury stepped up in front of her, blocking the view as leaned down and put his mouth right to Throe's ear. As he squeezed Throe's biceps until it screamed in pain, the Brother growled softly, "You get hard and I'll castrate you as soon as she leaves."
Well .. If that wasn't crystal clear.

J.R. Ward

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#22. We don't cut off the hands of thieves or castrate rapists. Why must we murder murderers?

Wendy Kaminer

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#23. They usually had easy answers: send all the Mexicans home, put Hells Angels in the army, castrate the queers. The greater their ignorance, the stronger their opinions. Georgetown was only a few minutes

Ken Follett

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#24. There are a lot of ways to castrate a bull," I said, my words deliberate and slow. "You can band the balls off, so they shrivel up and die. Or you can take a knife, and slide it just so." I demonstrated with my free hand. "I grew up on a ranch. I know a lot about castrating bulls.

Jennifer Lynn Barnes

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#25. So are you and Marcus finally getting along?" he asked.
"She threatened to castrate me," Marcus said.
I nodded. "Sure did."
Will blinked and stiffened uncomfortably. "Oh."
"That's not nice, Ell," Kate scolded. "Boys need those.

Courtney Allison Moulton

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#26. If I ever cheated on my wife, I think she'd have my balls cut off. If you don't want to castrate this guy after what he's done, then he's not the one for you.

Penny Reid

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#27. I didn't expect to see you, Mr. Fitzgerald," she said, meekly.
A grin slunk across his face. "No, I imagine you were expecting to get to castrate Connor.

Katie Ashley

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#28. The impulse of the American woman to geld her husband and castrate her sons is very strong.

John Steinbeck

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#29. Allow me to serve you, Safiya. We have spent too many years apart." "And I have spent too many hours between meals." A glare. "Give it to me now, Polly, or I shall castrate you with a fork.

Susan Dennard

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#30. You know what I know, Mally. Now you must decide what to believe.

M.L. LeGette

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#31. Relationship is thus always slavery of a kind, which leaves a residue of guilt.

Ernest Becker

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#32. For the Christian there can be no social or political panaceas, no easy escapes from personal responsibility achieved by collectivising guilt or virtue. The true ends of temporal life lie beyond it, and, though the tyrannical State may diminish virtue, the benevolent State cannot procure it.

Margaret Thatcher

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#33. So the heart be right, it is no matter which way the head lieth.

Walter Raleigh

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#34. We want people to go to the movies. But the reality is that this is a digital world and we have to adapt to that reality.

Todd Wagner

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#35. I love her more than just a little. I think it's because we're both somewhat broken, in our own odd ways. More importantly, we're both aware of it.

Patrick Rothfuss

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#36. About a year ago, out of the blue, I just wrote a bunch of songs.

Rick Moranis

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