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#1. To be successful, one must take chances. - Author: Willie Stargell
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#2. Sea sand is sea sand. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
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#3. A lot of narrative films leave you no space for anything else but eating popcorn. I want to go in the complete opposite direction. I have to evacuate all psychology, to be less a protagonist and more a presence. - Author: Elia Suleiman
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#4. In a sense, and as in melodrama, killing yourself amounts to confessing. It is confessing that life is too much for you or that you do not understand it. - Author: Albert Camus
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#5. No one who really wants to count for God can afford to play at Christianity. - Author: Henry Allen Ironside
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#6. Be, in this immensity of night, the magic force at your sense's crossroad ... - Author: Rainer Maria Rilke
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#7. They [Cops] were living in the media age, and in the media age, cops didn't get to fire their weapons. Cops were honored if they got themselves killed in the line of duty, but they were never suppose to draw their guns, not even in self-defense. - Author: Lisa Gardner
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#8. The last condescended from Academy spires Pretended at life with a cold, dead heart Face like a crypt, from a family of liars Quietly, quietly played . . . her . . . part. - Children's nursery rhyme - Author: K.D. Castner
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#9. In another life, I could have been you," she'd say.
"Yeah, but then I wouldn't have been the same person in that life."
"Yeah, that's right. Let's work on it. - Author: Bob Dylan
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#10. My faith is what makes me strong. Without faith, there are only low times. - Author: Torii Hunter
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#11. If it sounds good and feels good, then it IS good! - Author: Duke Ellington
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#12. cheek, the one so disfigured by that - Author: Sandra Hill
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#13. Blind assumption is the easiest way to disguise the truth. - Author: P.D. Griffith
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