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#1. In the world there is, parallel to the force of death and constraint, an enormous force of persuasion that is called culture. - Author: Albert Camus
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#2. We sit in meditation and cry to God, we cry to the light, as little children, knowing God will do everything for us. - Author: Frederick Lenz
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#3. I was okay with school. My sister Kourtney was extremely smart. I always read a little slower. - Author: Kim Kardashian
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#4. One could say that my view legitimately fuses the end-time messianic expectations of all three Abrahamic religions: Judaism, Islam, and Christianity! - Author: Eli Of Kittim
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#5. There is no marriage in Heaven, but there is love. - Author: Edgar Lee Masters
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#6. At the heart of her bad nature, like many bad natures, was probably envy. And at the heart of envy was possibly hope - that the good fortune of others might one day be hers - Author: Katherine Boo
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#7. Everybody in the military has a reputation, and usually it doesn't come out to the public. - Author: Wesley Clark
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#8. If you want to predict the future of our land, go to school and look around. - Author: Richard Mitchell
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#9. Muddling along ... is the great secret to life ... You take the good and the bad and cope as they happen - Gallen in Intrigues - Author: Mercedes Lackey
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#10. Miscellaneous' and 'Other' are not file names. - Author: Cynthia Kyriazis
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#11. I probably spend more time with my kids than the average stay-at-home mother. - Author: Kirstie Alley
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#12. I'm always the last person they go to with a sequel, because I'm the most skeptical. You know, I'm very proud of what we've done, and I don't want to screw up our series. - Author: Sigourney Weaver
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