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Top 11 Carolena Nericcio Quotes

#1. The loves and sorrows that are great are destroyed by their own plentitude. - Author: Oscar Wilde
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#2. Have you been waiting all this time, faithful as always, my Life? ... - Author: John Geddes
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#3. I often think about, 'How do we return to a simpler way of living? Is there some way that we can start to think of each other as human beings again, instead of worshiping money, instead of worshiping electronics, instead of worshiping getting ahead just for me?' - Author: Giancarlo Esposito
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#4. A problem isn't a real problem till you decide to make it a problem ... so what's the problem again? - Author: Runa Magnus
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#5. I absolutely refuse to reveal my age. What am I - a car? - Author: Cyndi Lauper
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#6. Success is only personal satisfaction.
Its secret is not the ability to fit into the mold, but the mental capacity to break out of it. - Author: Linda Jenkinson
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#7. When the time is yours, the future is waiting, The person you become, and the people you're creating. - Author: Jeff Hardy
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#8. I do have reason to believe there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, - Author: Joni Ernst
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#9. Time, like the sea, unties all knots. - Author: Iris Murdoch
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#10. My first audition was for a commercial for the lottery. I didn't get it, so I hate the lottery. - Author: Kat Dennings
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#11. Everyone thinks when they start writing that they can't do it. I was lucky. My sister Delia was the most important person in terms of encouraging me. - Author: Hallie Ephron
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