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Top 13 Caribbean Phrases Sayings

#1. I used to be very shy. When I first started, I had to go to a casting, and I had to go in a bikini. I thought I was too skinny. But I went in and got the job! And that's how I started. - Author: Adriana Lima
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#2. Imagine a world without photography, one could only imagine. - Author: Berenice Abbott
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#3. Long slow distance makes long slow runners. - Author: Jim Bush
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#4. What happens when your dream comes true - when the spotlight is on and then it moves away? - Author: Juliana Hatfield
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#5. Miss Marks, you see, makes her living by ... entertaining young, and not so young, sailors ... or any other members of the armed forced, or civilians, who enjoy ... being entertained by ladies who ... entertain. - Author: Rick Yancey
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#6. In the name of anti-discrimination those who uphold moral values are discriminated against while those who violate such values receive affirmative action. - Author: Robert A. J. Gagnon
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#7. Without modesty, woman is devoid of beauty and culture. Humility, purity of thought and manners, meekness, surrender to high ideals, sensitivity, sweetness of temper - the peculiar blend of all these qualities is modesty. It is the most invaluable of all jewels for women. - Author: Sathya Sai Baba
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#8. The truth has always been dangerous to the rule of the rogue, the exploiter, the robber. So the truth must be ruthlessly supressed. - Author: Eugene V. Debs
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#9. When critics sit in judgment it is hard to tell where justice leaves off and vengeance begins. - Author: Chuck Jones
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#10. I think it's an honorable thing that Donald Trump is doing. - Author: Jeff Sessions
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#11. In one sense, the stories I read betrayed me. Too few gave me back my mirror image. Fewer still spoke to, or acknowledged, the existence of the problems I faced as a black foster child from a dysfunctional and badly broken home. - Author: Nikki Grimes
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#12. Gilly frowned at me. "Ya know, stereotyping be a sign of limited intelligence. I might have asked ye where yer lower back tattoo be or yer lip piercing, but I didna." It folded its short little arms and cocked out one funky-shaped hip in a defiant stance. - Author: Elle Casey
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#13. O remember
In your narrowing dark hours
That more things move
Than blood in the heart. - Author: Louise Bogan
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