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Top 8 Caramel Complexion Quotes

#1. I just always enjoy it; if you really enjoy what you do, you don't want to stop. - Author: Paul McCartney
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#2. Daryl sat next to Daquan and gently kissed his slumbering son on the forhead.He admired his features on the thick eyebrows they both shared.The boy had Mayc's nose and a mixture of his caramel complexion and Macy's hershey hue. - Author: C-Murder
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#3. If we are deprived of hope as well as fear, we are compensated by being given an almost endless patience for enduring or simply for waiting. - Author: Joseph Wood Krutch
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#4. If we don't get a good day's work out of you, we'll maroon you.
He ignored Barnaby's raised eyebrow. They'd never marooned anybody before, even the English nobles they hated, but Gideon meant to put the fear of God into the man. - Author: Sabrina Jeffries
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#5. It's too hard a life for me. I could only do it - check out in that sense - if I checked out somewhere that was luxurious and within hailing distance of civilization. - Author: Derek Jacobi
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#6. I was a serious competitive figure skater and still ice-skate as much as I can. Anyway, I once brought a date to the rink to have him experience what I was into. So all is going fine, and then - bam! - he bit it extremely hard! Skate time was over. His bruises were scary. I felt so bad. - Author: Christian Serratos
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#7. By wearing cosmetics a woman seeks to look younger or more beautiful than she otherwise would. Honesty doesn't require that she issue a continuous disclaimer: I see you are looking at my face. Please be aware that I don't look this good first thing in the morning. - Author: Sam Harris
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#8. There is no sin coveting things are of no great use or profit, but would show out good and have some grandeur around them. - Author: Lady Gregory
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