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#1. In the morning, when she walked to the consulate, carefully watching her sandals on the pavement, she glanced up and saw a Negro wearing a stack of panama hats. Maybe twelve. She never forgot the bandoeon of brims, the perfect stutter of hat. - Author: Craig Raine
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#2. You never really know a stock until you own it. - Author: Walter Schloss
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#3. If you're an artist, you want to draw from real life; you want to draw from experiences, emotion, and it's something that a lot of musicians juggle with. I've always found it so fascinating. - Author: Damien Chazelle
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#4. I think a singer is an athlete. I've always tried to stay fit. Until my knee said, "Uh-uh," I was jogging. Then I started walking. They don't like walking a lot, but I'll push them. - Author: Al Jarreau
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#5. Today's life is tomorrow's career and yesterday's history, live it well. - Author: Rajesh Walecha
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#6. As a person, I'm pretty much the same except that I've come to terms with who my real friends and supporters are. I don't get particularly friendly with new people at first go. - Author: Sanjay Dutt
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#7. You can replace negative self-talk with optimistic thoughts. It is possible to change a negative perspective on life into a positive life force if you keep a sense of proportion. - Author: Lynn C. Tolson
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#8. I liked myself better when I wasn't me. - Author: Carol Burnett
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#9. Treat each person as you would an old friend. - Author: Dalai Lama
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#10. You can't have a goal without determination, because without the determination the goal will die. - Author: Patrick L. Turner
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#11. Materialism has never been so ominous as now in North America, as management takes over. - Author: Arthur Erickson
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#12. There were silences as murmurous as sound. There were pauses that seemed about to shatter and were only to be snatched back to oblivion by the tightening of his arms about her and the sense that she was resting there as a caught, gossamer feather, drifted in out of the dark. - Author: F Scott Fitzgerald
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#13. First, you're going to have to stop using food for anything other than nutrition. You cannot continue to use food to celebrate, or as a companion, or for entertainment, or comfort. You cannot medicate yourself, your mood, or pain with food. - Author: Phillip C. McGraw
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