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Top 42 Can't Get Over Love Quotes

#1. Age to me means nothing. I can't get old; I'm working. I was old when I was twenty-one and out of work. As long as you're working, you stay young. When I'm in front of an audience, all that love and vitality sweeps over me and I forget my age. - Author: George Burns
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#2. Once you get into a feature, whether it's a sequel or an original one, you have to start all over again, and you're creating a world, creating new characters. You're also tracking emotions. You're trying to create emotion and create a character that you can fall in love with for two hours. - Author: Dan Scanlon
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#3. I don't get nothing but love. In every ghetto all over the world. Nothing but love. They respect that I came outta there and I'm doing it the right way. You can't do nothing but respect that. - Author: Ice Cube
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#4. The intense roller coaster of emotions will gradually lesson over time. But there is no timeframe for the grieving process, and it will not be rushed, no matter how fast you'd like to "get over it." The reality is that there is no getting over it; you can only walk through it. - Author: Elizabeth Berrien
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#5. A trustworthy marriage has weathered temptation and anger and jealousy, resentment, self-righteousness and a little bit of selfishness. When you get over and get through that, then maybe you can see the light to love. - Author: Ruby Dee
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#6. I love the big fresh starts, the clean slates like birthdays and new years, but I also really like the idea that we can get up every morning and start over. - Author: Kristin Armstrong
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#7. I'd rather have rabies than be in love."
"Because at least you can get over rabies with some shots. - Author: Shelly Laurenston
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#8. It is a frightening thought, that in one fraction of a moment you can fall in the kind of love that takes a lifetime to get over. - Author: Beau Taplin
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#9. It's so beautiful. It has our initials," she said, running her fingertip over the engraving.
"You know me," I half joked. "Any way I can get my name on you."
She looked up. I felt her hazel eyes on my face. "I love you."
- Rimmel & Romeo - Author: Cambria Hebert
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#10. Whatever you love most, you fear you might lose, you know it can change. Why do you look from left to right when you cross the street? Because you don't want to get run over. But, you still cross the street. - Author: Audrey Hepburn
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#11. I read somewhere that the real reason most people can't get
over an ex is that they don't want to. Deep down they hold on to
the hope that they'll get back together, and that hope prevents
them from moving on. - Author: Serena Grey
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#12. Umm, well do I have to tell you how it's done?" I tease, as I get on my knees and lean over him, . A wide smile spreads over his face as I straddle his lap.
"Oh, are you taking dominance? I think I like that." He grips his hands on my hips, pulling me as close as he can get. - Author: Annie Brewer
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#13. Trapnest means "The Trapped Den" Once we enter it, we can't get out by our own means I thought that that name could only come from a man who love having power over other. - Author: Ai Yazawa
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#14. I tell you to slow down and you don't listen and I almost love what a cunt you can be because one of these days you're gonna tie me to a bed and slap me and lord over me the way you lord over all people who get in your way. You're so revved up and I want to play with you and I do. - Author: Caroline Kepnes
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#15. People get over love. They can live without it, they can move on. Love can be lost and found again. But that won't happen for me. I won't survive you, Eva. - Author: Sylvia Day
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#16. Grace of the Almighty, the Truth you can withstand all, the Hope life will get better, Love over everything, Peace which dwells within, Joy at life and all her ups and downs, and Brave - the ability to face it all without fear. - Author: Jenni James
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#17. Can't you see that he's using you to get over his grief? That you're just a distraction? All the other girls know to keep their distance after what happened. He's an emotional train wreck, and he needs time. Friends. Not some love-starved loner throwing herself at him. - Author: Nancy Ohlin
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#18. I love touring. I can't wait. Everything is just normal when you're finally on tour. I think, for me, it's my happiest thing; I love moving around, and I have friends and family all over the place. It's kind of my time. It's almost like home. It's when I get to see everybody. - Author: Alison Mosshart
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#19. When you're younger you're so happy to get some good loving you convince yourself you're in love, can't live with out it, and chase the dick like a crack addict after the pipe, or chase the bad sex hoping something happened to the man over night and the next time it'll be good. - Author: Jill Nelson
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#20. It's funny that these people think I'm so powerful. I've figured out over the years, you can only hurt me if I love you; if I don't know you, I really don't care. There are people who want to kill me and I'm always like, 'Well, get in line, darling. - Author: Conchita Wurst
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#21. Everyone feels that way, that we will never stop loving someone, that we will never love anyone else, that we can never feel more than we do right now, but yet... we do, somehow, stop loving. We do get over it. Don't we? We have to. We must. Otherwise, how could we go on? - Author: Paullina Simons
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#22. Let's start over shall we? Hello gorgeous. I'm Justin McKinley. I'm head baker at Le Chef Petite. I'd love to get to know you better. Can I seduce you with my vast knowledge of sweet and sensual desserts?
Alicia couldn't help it. She giggled. One of those girly, I've-been-flirting bubbly - Author: Lea Barrymire
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#23. The way he looked at you. I got it then. He loved you, and it was killing him. He won't get over you, Clary, he can't. - Author: Cassandra Clare
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#24. I'd love to stay in baseball, but I won't beg. I'd love to work with young umpires. I think I could teach them, help them develop. I can spot flaws, help them get over the hump. You're striving for perfection every game, yet you never achieve it. If baseball wants me, I'm available. - Author: Doug Harvey
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#25. Oh get over yourself, so you can kill people, I could shoot you in your face if I wanted to, anyone can do what you do! - Author: Holly Hood
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#26. I still get excited just attending a final four, because the process is so long, so arduous, so challenging, that when it finally arrives, the adrenaline can't help but take over. I love the sense of accomplishment and camaraderie that the indoor game can engender. - Author: Karch Kiraly
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#27. There's nothing wrong with reading a book you love over and over. When you do, the words get inside you, become a part of you, in a way that words in a book you've read only once can't. - Author: Gail Carson Levine
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#28. It's just that I love you and I can't seem to get past it." He smiled down at her. "You're really hard to love, but even harder to get over. - Author: R.L. Griffin
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#29. We can cherish nothing less than our random understanding of death and the earth-shaking love that draws us to one another ... Cleanliness and valor will be our watchwords. Nothing less will get us past the armed sentry and over the mountainous border. - Author: John Cheever
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#30. That's why I love doing television because it's something that fans and viewers can sit down each week and get to know your character and get to know the show and get to know what's going on and fall in love with you all over again, like they did in previous shows. - Author: Tahj Mowry
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#31. But in life people come and go. We don't always have control over it. But we can control how we respond. We can keep going, keep living the best we can. We can love the people we have instead of shutting them out. We can do our best to get to know them in the time we have. - Author: Suzanne LaFleur
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#32. Trip over love and you can get up, fall into love and you fall forever.j - Author: Janelle Cooper
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#33. Working harder is not a sustainable solution and it's not how people meet their destiny. It's time to get more creative. Instead of choosing one thing we love over something else we love, we must ask, 'how can I do both?' And, then, we can find solutions. - Author: Maynard Webb
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#34. Everyone can relate to love, hurt, pain, learning how to forgive, needing to get over, needing the power of God in their life. - Author: Tyler Perry
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#35. It took me years to get over you. Truth is, I never did fully get over you. I just learned to live without you. I can't ever do that again. It almost killed me. And as much as I would love to kiss you right now, I have to protect myself. It can't happen. I'm sorry. - Author: Rachel Hanna
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#36. If you don't feel the same way about him, if you're just leading him on, you need to tell him that. I've seen too many nice guys get shafted because a girl can't get over some jerk. - Author: Nenia Campbell
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#37. She doesn't even seem to have a clue that she holds an understated beauty that makes every man in this airport give her a once-over. Damn, I want to get her out of here so no one else can look at my woman. My cock twitches as I think about what I'm going to give her so she knows she's mine. - Author: Frankie Love
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#38. Why don't you just pretend that the asshole dropped dead? You can't call or write to a dead man. Put a couple of candles in front of his picture, say a few Hail Marys, and get it over with. - Author: Isabel Lopez
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#39. Dontcha mean you wanna get your eyes all over your girl, what's it been, an hour since ya seen her? Ah, can't beat young love, son. Enjoy it while it lasts, then they all turn into my old lady with the nagging. But..I still get a boner every time I see my Helen. - Author: V. Theia
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#40. Maybe not," she said as we came to the car. "But maybe that isn't so bad. You can't love anyone that way more than once in a lifetime. It's too hard and it hurts too much when it ends. The first boy is always the hardest to get over, Haven. It's just the way the world works. - Author: Sarah Dessen
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#41. Someone once said that we get more difficult to love with each passing year because, over time, our histories grow so tangled that newcomers can no longer bushwhack their way into the thicketed and overgrown depths of our hearts. - Author: Adrian Barnes
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#42. You realize that especially when you're writing a book like this, looking back on your life, that there's just such a depth of understanding you acquire over time with the help of the people who love you that that's when you can really get down to what you really think and believe. - Author: Anna Quindlen
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