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#1. There's a point where you think, 'What else will I do if I don't do music?' It becomes your identity when it never should have been. But food ignited a fire in me, and I came right back to music because it no longer felt like a job. It was a really powerful thing for me. - Author: Kelis
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#2. Noah came before the flood. I have come before the fire. - Author: Joseph Smith Jr.
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#3. When the guy with asthma finally came in from the fire escape, Parker rabbit-punched him and took his gun away. - Author: Richard Stark
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#4. Jace was looking at her incredulously. "Let me get this straight," he said. "You came here to apologize to me?" She was taken aback. "Of course I did." "Clary," he said. "You saved my life." "I stabbed you. With a massive sword. You caught on fire. - Author: Cassandra Clare
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#5. For the space of half a year, the gunpowder lay as harmless as sand, because no fire came near to explode it. - Author: Emily Bronte
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#6. If my hair was on fire and llamas came to put it out, he'd tell me the shot was great. - Author: Erin Dionne
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#7. A child came out of my eyes some moments ago. My head is on fire. He laughed as he came out and I can still see him across that wall, crawling and laughing. I sometimes try to reach it but it runs away from me. - Author: Amaan Ahmad
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#8. Louvain was a dull place, said a guidebook in 1910, but when the time came it made a spectacular fire. - Author: Margaret MacMillan
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#9. Dove had next to no coping mechanisms when it came to social interactions gone awry. When all else failed - the running, the hiding, the dying - all that was left was the giggling.
The moment she thought about trying not to laugh, it became one hundred times worse. - Author: Debra Anastasia
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#10. When the Great Fire of London destroyed most of the medieval city in 1666, Christopher Wren was invited to design a new one. Within days, he had drawn up an elegant grid of broad boulevards leading to majestic squares, but it came to nothing - the existing landowners wanted things as they had been. - Author: Norman Foster
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#11. I loved every minute of my childhood - sunbathing on the fire escape, digging for buried treasure in the back yard, pulling alewives out of the sand ... Then it was all taken away from me. I came back every summer to visit my father until I was 18, but I was always the outsider. - Author: Jennifer Egan
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#12. The sun, the hero of every day, the impersonal old man that beams as brightly on death as on birth, came up every morning and raced across the blue dome and dipped into the sea of fire every evening. - Author: Zora Neale Hurston
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#13. Her skin was apparently covered with super-powered nerve endings that hadn't done a damn thing her whole life, but came alive like ice and fire and bee stings as soon as Park touched her. - Author: Rainbow Rowell
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#14. This asshole had better open the door," Jackal growled, spinning his fire ax in a graceful arc as the horde came on. "I didn't come all the way to Eden to be eaten at the damn gates. Some might call it ironic, but that just pisses me off. - Author: Julie Kagawa
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#15. Squatted beside the fire, with the warmth of it upon his face and hands, he felt a smug contentment that seemed strangely out of place
the contentment of a man who had reduced his needs to the strictly basic
and with the contentment came a full-bodied confidence that was just as out of place. - Author: Clifford D. Simak
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#16. You know," she said, stirring her tea, "the fastest way to get him off your back is to sleep with him. And tell him you love him. Preferably while in bed."
I smirked and the tea almost came out of my nose. "He'd run like he was on fire. - Author: Ilona Andrews
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#17. I must say this now about that first fire. It was magic. Out of dead tinder and grass and sticks came a live warm light. It cracked and snapped and smoked and filled the woods with brightness. It lighted the trees and made them warm and friendly. It stood tall and bright and held back the night. - Author: Jean Craighead George
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#18. They were in Julius Caesar now and the stage direction "Alarum" confused Katie. She thought it had something to do with fire engines and whenever she came to that word, she shouted out "clang-clang." The children thought it was wonderful. - Author: Betty Smith
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#19. Could've come like a mighty storm. With all the strength of a hurricane. You could've come like a forest fire with the power of Heaven in Your flame. But You came like a winter snow, quiet and soft and slow. Falling from the sky in the night to the earth below. - Author: Chris Tomlin
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#20. He knew that his wings could ignite at any moment, but the closer he came to touching the fire, the more he sensed that he was fulfilling his destiny. As he put it in his journal that night: If I mean to save my life, then I have to come within an inch of destroying it. - Author: Paul Auster
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#21. We're still a great team. In your mind you can understand that but, emotionally, we needed to express the same belief. We came out full of fire and scored two early goals, two really beautiful goals, and that changed everything. - Author: Dennis Bergkamp
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#22. During the day on Monday, Washington time, the airport at Saigon came under persistent rocket as well as artillery fire and was effectively closed. The military situation in the area deteriorated rapidly. I therefore ordered the evacuation of all American personnel remaining in South Vietnam. - Author: Gerald R. Ford
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#23. You won't cut my son's throat,' said the Unseelie King, gazing down at Julian with a look of disdain. 'You're a Shadowhunter. You have a code of honor.'
'You're thinking of Shadowhunters the way they used to be,' said Julian. 'I came of age in the Dark War. I was baptized in blood and fire. - Author: Cassandra Clare
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#24. A consensus slowly gathered among us. We had given up something important, we believed: the fire, the vigor, that came with a lack of ease. We had lost some of the difficulty of our lives, and we wanted it back. - Author: Kevin Brockmeier
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#25. An editor named Kerrie Hughes wanted me to write a short story that brought my fire-spider Smudge from my goblin books into the present-day world. I came up with libriomancy as a way to make that happen. - Author: Jim C. Hines
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#26. When it came to political power, blacks need not apply. Add to this steaming stew the growing tensions over the Vietnam War and the movement for civil rights, and you had plenty of elements to fire the imagination of a novice journalist. - Author: Andrea Mitchell
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#27. Most fires made by underestimated sparks, the greatness fire inside ourselves is lit by the spark of the change, came across a small corner in our souls where the conscience still whispering. - Author: Ammar Moussa
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#28. we sometimes carry the sacred fire in our hearts, but have no idea where that flame came from. - Author: Paulo Coelho
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#29. When the Saracens came to attack him, they threw Greek fire onto the barrier he had made; and the fire caught easily, And you should know that the Turks did not wait for the fire to burn itself out, but rushed upon the Templars among the scorching flames. - Author: Jean De Joinville
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#30. Yet ruled he not long, so great had been his suffering, and so bitter the fire of his testing, for after the space of three years he died. And he who came after him ruled evilly. - Author: Oscar Wilde
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#31. It came to me that hell would not be fire and smoke after all but arctic, everything white and frigid. Hell would be not anger but indifference. - Author: Robert Cormier
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#32. What about ... Cinder?" There was a hesitation, and she could tell they were doubtful about the name. She lifted her chin and explained, "It's an unassuming name, but also ... powerful. Because of where she came from. She survived that fire. She was reborn from the cinders." They - Author: Marissa Meyer
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#33. The social function of narrative is not limited to 'primitive' people sitting around the fire telling each other where Fire came from and why they're sitting around it. - Author: Ursula K. Le Guin
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#34. He didn't come to make friends. He's got fire in his eyes and a sword in his mouth and he came to cut the world in half. - Author: Isaac Marion
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#35. Once, when I tried to calculate the height of the balcony, I broke my arm. Another time, I wanted to see if water moves faster than kerosene. When my father came out to smoke, a fire broke out. - Author: Ada Yonath
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#36. With kisses your mouth taught me
my lips came to know fire. - Author: Pablo Neruda
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#37. I was at this casino minding my own business, and this guy came up to me and said, 'You're gonna have to move, you're blocking a fire exit.' As though if there was a fire, I wasn't gonna run. If you're flammible and have legs, you are never blocking a fire exit. - Author: Mitch Hedberg
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#38. paused for a moment, and a wild feeling of pity came over him. After all, what right had he to pry into the life of Dorian Gray? If he had done a tithe of what was rumoured about him, how much he must have suffered! Then he straightened himself up, and walked over to the fire-place, and stood there, - Author: Oscar Wilde
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