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#1. Men are called to serve their brides by loving their wives as Christ loves His church and gave Himself up for her. The wives are to respect and submit to their husband as unto the Lord. In

Dustin Heiner

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#2. Stewarding my time is not about selfishly pursuing only the things I like to do. It's about effectively serving others in the ways I'm best able to serve and in the ways I am most uniquely called to serve.

Kevin DeYoung

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#3. The need for a non-veteran reserve became painfully obvious in the Korean war when many of the men who were being called to serve were World War II veterans participating in Ready Reserve units.

J. Anthony Lukas

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#4. Living is giving. We live life best as we give our strengths, gifts, and competencies in the service of God's mission. We are called to serve, not survive. Our giving makes a difference in our families, our work, our community, our world, and our church.

Kennon Callahan

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#5. The Holy Ghost is a comforter and a guide. But it is also a cleansing agent. That is why service in the kingdom is so crucial to enduring. When we are called to serve, we can pray for the Holy Ghost to be our companion with assurance it will come.

Henry B. Eyring

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#6. I am not overstatingthis; the anointing is mandatory if you are called to serve The Lord. Without it there will be no growth, no blessing, no victory in your ministry.

Benny Hinn

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#7. Churches were never meant to be mental hospitals. They were supposed to be military outposts under orders to storm the gates of hell. Every believer is on active duty and called to serve a higher purpose with the rank of their blessings and talents.

Shannon L. Alder

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#8. God will never lead contrary to His word - so get acquainted with the Word of God, the Bible. Pray. He leads through the illumination of the Holy Spirit in our hearts. Use whatever you have and be faithful. We are called to serve Christ in our sphere of influence.

Billy Graham

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#9. With respect to where we are now, we have a voluntary army. And if we ever go back to conscription I hope that at time it will be the kind of conscription that was put in at the end of the Vietnam War. And that is, everybody is equally liable to be called to serve the nation in time of conflict.

Colin Powell

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#10. We are called to serve God and not to rely on our achievement in ministry

Sunday Adelaja

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#11. This is the kingdom of God on the earth. Because of that, it has a power beyond any other endeavor in which humans can engage. That power depends on the faith of those called to serve in it.

Henry B. Eyring

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#12. You are called to serve people and humanity with your talent

Sunday Adelaja

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#13. I would always be happy to serve my country in any way that I was called upon to do.

Mitt Romney

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#14. You were indeed called to be free, brothers and sisters. Don't turn this freedom into an excuse for your corrupt nature to express itself. Rather, serve each other through love. Galatians 5:13

Dianne Neal Matthews

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#15. God did not call the qualified to serve Him: instead He qualified the called.

Judy Baer

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#16. We magnify our priesthood and enlarge our calling when we serve with diligence and enthusiasm in those responsibilities to which we are called by proper authority.

Gordon B. Hinckley

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#17. As God's children, we are not to be observers; we're to participate actively in the Lord's work. Spectators sit and watch, but we are called to use our spiritual gifts and serve continually.

Charles Stanley

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#18. A banker can be as called and as pleasing to God as Billy Graham may be when he preaches. A brewer can serve as valuable a role in the kingdom of God as a missionary, a priest, or a pope. This is the truth of Christianity and this, too, is a core truth of the Guinness story.

Stephen Mansfield

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#19. Andy and Terry went into the kitchen to serve out the Neapolitan (which we called van-choc-straw . . . funny how it all

Stephen King

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#20. We are all called to fulfill God's five purposed for our lives: to worship, to fellowship, to grow like Christ, to serve, and to be on mission with God in the world.

Rick Warren

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#21. I think they need to remove the general. He is unfit for the position he is being called upon to serve, precisely because he's become a liability. He's become a weapon our enemies will use against us.

James Zogby

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#22. We who are Christians, members of God's family, are called to go out to the needy and to serve them.

Pope Francis

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#23. Hesitating at the last instant, she gazed back at Vesper, and tears brimmed in her eyes as she murmured in a meek voice, "Good-bye, my love." Then she returned to the enchanted device and called out, "May this new vessel serve you well!

Robin Jarvis

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#24. Spiritually evolved people, by virtue of their discipline, mastery and love, are people of extraordinary competence, and in their competence they are called on to serve the world, and in their love they answer the call.

M. Scott Peck

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#25. For Southerners, a white skin was the distinguishing badge of mind and intellect. Black skin was the sign that a given people had been providentially designed to serve as menial laborers, as what Hammond called the "mudsill" class necessary to support every society.

David Brion Davis

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#26. God has called us to minister and anointed us to serve Him and not ourselves

Sunday Adelaja

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#27. The legacy of slavery comes from the sustained political, legal and economic effort to link permanently an entire group of people to poverty - and to mystify that systematic disenfranchisement by making up something called race, which could serve as a distraction.

Sarah Churchwell

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#28. I live neither in the past nor in the future. I am in the present. I cannot know what tomorrow will bring forth. I can know only what the truth is for me today. That is what I am called upon to serve, and I serve it in all lucidity.

Igor Stravinsky

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#29. It's a privilege to serve in Washington, D.C., but I never lose sight of what the Lord has called me to do in my life. And that is to be, first a husband, and then a father, and succeed there from His perspective, and He'll take care of everything else.

Mike Pence

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#30. I was kind of a misfit, actually. When you're young, you want to be like everybody else, and I was like nobody else. I couldn't sit still. I was impulsive. I still am. What is now called a 'talent' did not serve me well as a child. I didn't have friends. I was really an outcast.

Howie Mandel

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#31. Let's determine to finish well by helping facilitate a lifelong conversation and sense of community between God and the people He has called us to serve.

Paul Baloche

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#32. We all must serve the Lord in whatsoever capacity He has called us to serve

Sunday Adelaja

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#33. Whether I serve one or two terms in the Presidency, I will find myself at the end of that period at what might be called the awkward age-too old to begin a new career and too young to write my memoirs.

John F. Kennedy

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#34. Not all are called to the way of the sword or the gun or the ship, but all serve ka.

Stephen King

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#35. Class warfare or soaking the so-called rich may make for good populist demagoguery and serve the political ends of the governing masterminds, but it does nothing to solve the grave realities of the federal government's insatiable appetite for spending and its inability to reform itself.

Mark R. Levin

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#36. People have needs and wants. We call that DEMAND. There are also people who service these needs and wants. That is called SUPPLY. If there were no people to serve, there would be no business. So the true definition of business is nothing more than: PEOPLE SERVING PEOPLE.

Ian Fuhr

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#37. My position is that serious and good art has always existed to help, to serve, humanity. Not to indict. I don't see how art can be called art if its purpose is to frustrate humanity.

Chinua Achebe

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#38. Well for those who will be called upon to serve as soldiers in the ranks of whoever comes to build the new world. June, 1919.

Ottokar Theobald Otto Maria Czernin Von Und Zu Chudenitz

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#39. Here are three things you should know about the God you serve: First, if He has called you to a work, His angels go before you, beside you, and behind you (Psalm 91:11).


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#40. I always felt God had called me to serve within the church because of what the church stands for. This has always been home.

Clementa C. Pinckney

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#41. A person who has sympathy for mankind in the lump, faith in its future progress, and desire to serve the great cause of this progress, should be called not a humanist, but a humanitarian, and his creed may be designated as humanitarianism.

Irving Babbitt

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#42. Jesus called disciples so He could send them out as apostles. They were called together to learn so they could be sent out to teach and serve.

Brian D. McLaren

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