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#1. My mom worked at [American] Vogue before I was born. She has always been fashion-minded. I grew up with original Yves Saint Laurent sketches on the wall in our house. A lot of that rubbed off on me. - Author: Zachary Cole Smith
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#2. As I held onto Rosemary Telesco for dear life, we both knew the truth. She was going off to camp and eventually, private school. We were on different roads, she and me. Two ships that passed in Sheep Meadow. - Author: Jennifer Flackett
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#3. Flirt!'s mascara is insane - I don't need false lashes when I wear it. - Author: Heather Morris
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#4. Whenever you invest in any company, you're looking for its market cap to rise. This can't happen unless buyers are paying higher prices for the shares, making your investment more valuable. - Author: Peter Lynch
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#5. The safari was amazing, to actually see the elephants and the Lions up close and then right at the end to actually get in the cage with the Lion was one of the best moments of the tour. - Author: Ugo Monye
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#6. The claim that there cannot be an infinite regress of contingent ontological causes raises a truly difficult challenge to pure materialism; but to imagine that it can be extended to undermine the claim that there must be an absolute ontological cause is to fall prey to an obvious category error. - Author: David Bentley Hart
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#7. A good rule in life is to tell yourself simply, 'What comes of itself, let it come. - Author: Paramahansa Yogananda
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#8. I used to get 15-20 bunt hits a season. Now, I'm down to five or six. Infielders still play me in, but I'm always looking if the opportunity is there. - Author: Steve Finley
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#9. Shamas stands in the open door and watches the earth, the magnet that it is, pulling snowflakes out of the sky towards itself. - Author: Nadeem Aslam
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