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#1. Board the cows! We've come to enslave your marigolds. - Author: Libba Bray
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#2. Never forget, Caelius, that a great man makes his luck. Luck is there for everyone to seize. Most of us miss our chances; we're blind to our luck. He never misses a chance because he's never blind to the opportunity of the moment. - Author: Colleen McCullough
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#3. The girl who chooses to be modest, chooses to be respected. - Author: Howard W. Hunter
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#4. In all cases love was a strong emotion, not easily contained once it was unleashed. I realized now that love was like a blossoming flower that continually added more and more petals. But there was no end point. There was no full bloom. It went on forever. Growing, strengthening. - Author: Rachel Hawthorne
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#5. No, no, no! I am not giving birth backstage at a rock concert. I need to be in a hospital, pumped full of every drug that they can legally give me!
I was so shocked, my only repsonse was,
'Well, he was conceived backstage at a concert, so it's sort of fitting for him to be born at one. - Author: S.C. Stephens
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#6. Navigation is power of a limited sort - it enables us to manage the immensity of the media torrent. - Author: Todd Gitlin
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#7. It's impossible. I can't be your friend. It hurts too much. If I'm ruining you, then you've destroyed me. I finally trusted someone enough to love and you proved that all along it wasn't worth it. - Author: Kimberly Lauren
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#8. Change your practices without abandoning your core values. - Author: James C. Collins
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#9. It seems everyone's so worried about getting hurt that they forget about letting love happen. - Author: Carlos Salinas
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#10. I used to be a person who just peaked for the big events, not doing too many competitions, but now you've got to go round chasing all the points because if you're not taking them, someone else is. - Author: Jade Jones
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#11. I will not compromise on language or content. At 15, people can handle the same language as me, they're just as complicated as me and are very interested in thinking about important questions for the first time. - Author: Aidan Chambers
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#12. Those who do not look upon themselves as a link, connecting the past with the future, do not perform their duty to the world. - Author: Daniel Webster
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#13. Children will run from law, and they'll run from grace. The ones who run from law never come back. But the ones who run from grace always come back. Grace draws its own back home. - Author: Tullian Tchividjian
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#14. I've never been to a class reunion or anything because I'm always afraid of that one - there's going to be some 'Carrie'-like incident. - Author: Paul Feig
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#15. If you loved the world the Creator had made for you, you did not shut out the blue heaven and its lights, or lie in foul air in a stuffy room, when in a bed outside you could smell the morning and watch its mother-of-pearl light softly touch the hills. - Author: Vardis Fisher
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#16. At different times in our journeys, if we're paying attention, we get to sing the song we're meant to sing in the perfect key of life. - Author: Oprah Winfrey
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