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#1. For 'The Rise of Cobra,' I was dieting more and using protein powder to help supplement my meals. For 'Retaliation,' however, I opted for more natural protein. I had a chicken breast and broccoli meal about five times every day. I also drank plenty of water and made sure I got enough rest. - Author: Lee Byung-hun
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#2. Even the losers get lucky sometimes! - Author: Tom Petty
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#3. Actors always want to play the villain role at least once in their life. - Author: Lee Byung-hun
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#4. I had no idea what it took to be an actor. Then all of a sudden I found myself cast in a TV drama. The director was very harsh with me. One time, he told me this would be my first and last acting job. I seriously thought that acting was not the right career for me. - Author: Lee Byung-hun
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#5. I never considered myself a supermodel or anything like that. I mean, I don't think I'm ugly. I have good days and bad days, and I like when I'm fit and lean and all of those things that any woman likes, but it's not the eye of the hurricane for me. - Author: Chelsea Handler
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#6. Hollywood has a longer pre-production period and they juggle shooting schedules more carefully for each cast. In Korea, we shoot day and night without much break. - Author: Lee Byung-hun
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#7. I imagine how good it must feel to them to know how much they are still loved and missed in this realm, and for a moment I let myself feel them loving me back. - Author: Claire Bidwell Smith
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#8. Whenever I open a movie, I go secretly to the theater and stand in the back and enjoy the moment. I laugh when people laugh, and when people cry, I laugh. - Author: Lee Byung-hun
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#9. All the wounds of society, the wounds of poverty, of vice, of ignorance - all will be laid bare. Is there not something re-assuring in this? - Author: Leo Tolstoy
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#10. Hierarchy works well in a stable environment. - Author: Mary Douglas
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#11. Overconsumption and overpopulation underlie every environmental problem we face today - Author: Jacques-Yves Cousteau
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#12. The French, who love their dogs, sometimes eat their horses. The Spanish, who love their horses, sometimes eat their cows. The Indians, who love their cows, sometimes eat their dogs. - Author: Jonathan Safran Foer
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#13. During life's crisis ... try to worry less and smile more. - Author: Timothy Pina
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#14. Having - and keeping to - a regular exercise routine is crucial. And forget about those extreme diets - they aren't healthy. - Author: Lee Byung-hun
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#15. I know that Britain and the United States and others ship arms in the Middle East, 10 or maybe 100 times more than the Russian does. - Author: Sergei Lavrov
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#16. To vault from the trenches of habitual thinking -- that is the birth of genius." Traussbery - Author: Lori Stephens
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#17. Honestly, he acted as though he didn't like me anymore. Wait, maybe he didn't. "Do you still like me?"
"I never liked you."
Oh, right. He had a point.
Garreth & Charley - Author: Darynda Jones
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#18. We judge a horse not only by its pace on a racecourse, but also by its walk, nay, when resting in its stable. - Author: Michel De Montaigne
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#19. A style similar to Song Hye Gyo's is my ideal type. - Author: Lee Byung-hun
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#20. Meanwhile the clouds are white & the sky is all blue. Why so much God? Why not a little for men. - Author: Clarice Lispector
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#21. Few things are more annoying than too many of any one ethnicity in the same room. - Author: Dov Davidoff
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#22. G.I. Joe is not shown in Korea at all, basically, so a lot of people didn't know about G.I. Joe and I also didn't have the information about G.I. Joe. - Author: Lee Byung-hun
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#23. In Korea, I do different kinds of genres. So, like that, I would like to do a lot of good acting films. - Author: Lee Byung-hun
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#24. All the things we make exceptional are merely borrowed from the mundane and must without warning be surrendered to it. - Author: Chris Cleave
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#25. Just like other ordinary people, I want to have a happy family. - Author: Lee Byung-hun
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