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Top 10 Busy Day Funny Quotes

#1. There is no hierarchy of elder knowledge in my social region of things. There are only people learning and sharing in a very complex environment. - Author: Terence McKenna
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#2. When I had jobs, I was always doing manual jobs because I couldn't think. I worked at the docks, unloading trucks, and did ridiculous jobs. - Author: Dito Montiel
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#3. When I tried to imagine being beautiful, I could only imagine living without the perpetual fear of being alone, without the great burden of isolation, which is what feeling ugly felt like. - Author: Lucy Grealy
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#4. It's funny, I get a little quieter with time. I don't want to chase my tail and one day repeat myself and repeat myself and one day have kids going to college and not have memories that I should, because I was too busy doing my thing. - Author: Dave Matthews
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#5. I am not afraid to admit, though slightly ashamed that I Google myself and I see people writing things about me and I get really proud and happy. - Author: Mark Duplass
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#6. Cubism. Seeing beyond what is on the surface. Moving both eyes and a nose to the side of the face. Dicing bodies and tables and guitars as if they were celery sticks, and rearranging them so that you have to really see them to see them. - Author: Laurie Halse Anderson
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#7. No sane person should believe that something is subjective merely because it cannot be settled beyond controversy. - Author: Hilary Putnam
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#8. Not for the first time in his life he felt himself fall into the gap between felings and their articulation in language. - Author: Neel Mukherjee
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#9. Well, just that there would be somebody in the office and the voters - it was more or less an understanding in the entire community, as long as that person was doing a good job on the merits, nobody was going to run against him. - Author: Stephen Breyer
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#10. You know what, if you compromise and do stuff that's not becoming to you as an artist, that's your fault. - Author: Marina And The Diamonds
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