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#1. More than anything else in the universe, more than the power to dictate law at Taranoke, more than the knowledge of the count of stars in the sky, Baru wanted in that moment to speak the truth.

But she had no tongue for it. She had burnt all her truth away. Alloyed it into the machine - Author: Seth Dickinson
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#2. In the dim light of the closed bar, he thought at first it was silver, but as he reached inside and held it up, he saw that it was a gleaming white, so dazzling he knew he had never properly seen the color white before, only paler, inferior shades. - Author: Michael Montoure
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#3. I believe every era has its significance and the same holds true for players and coaches. - Author: Sachin Tendulkar
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#4. Ironically enough, why I got into politics is because I came to the conclusion that if you wanted to save the world, which in my mind was through the environment, those elected officials seemed to be the ones who made a lot of the important decisions, if not the most important decisions. - Author: Mike Quigley
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#5. Seen the Fizzing Whizbees, Harry?" said Ron, grabbing him and leading him over to their barrel. "And the Jelly Slugs? And the Acid Pops? Fred gave me one of those when I was seven - it burnt a hole right through my tongue. I remember Mum walloping him with her broomstick. - Author: J.K. Rowling
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#6. O fleeting joys Of Paradise, dear bought with lasting woes! - Author: John Milton
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#7. I think Superman should go on the Larry King show and announce that he would come back to life if people in all 50 states wanted him to. - Author: Dave Barry
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