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#1. Even Mahatma Gandhi - hardly a comfortable character - always wore a bowler hat with his loin cloth when practising as a barrister in London. - Author: William Donaldson
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#2. Perched on the edge of Case's worktable like some kind of state of the art gargoyle, - Author: William Gibson
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#3. If you look at my CV, just about everything I have done has come through a publicly funded institution; it is a career entirely built on that sort of support. - Author: Elizabeth Price
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#4. They are taking steps, but they are baby steps. - Author: Julius Erving
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#5. Innovation is discovery at the intersection of what's desirable, viable, and feasible. - Author: Trevor Owens
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#6. At that time a lot of young men didn't want to go to the war and kill. This guy that I fell in love with was one of those so he escaped to Canada and I followed him. - Author: Ann Wilson
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#7. My problem is that whenever I shoot, I do it Bruce Willis "Die Hard" style - in a very cinematic fashion. - Author: Hideo Kojima
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#8. To discover and to teach are distinct functions; they are also distinct gifts, and are not commonly found united in the same person. - Author: John Henry Newman
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#9. Theatre is where my heart is. It's where I can do my best work. And even if I do films and TV, that's what I want to come back to. - Author: Kelly Reilly
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#10. I'm all in favor of the democratic principle that one idiot is as good as one genius, but I draw the line when someone takes the next step and concludes that two idiots are better than one genius. - Author: Leo Szilard
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#11. It is a very terrible sermon, this Sermon on the Mount. Be very careful as you read it, and especially when you talk about it. If you criticize this Sermon at any point you are really saying a great deal about yourself. - Author: D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones
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#12. The blonde kept darting glances at Tommy. Cute and perky. I hated her. - Author: Michele P.W.
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#13. Confidence did more to enhance a woman's beauty than any kohl or rouge could manage. - Author: Tessa Dare
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