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Top 20 Building Teams Quotes

#1. Good teams incorporate teamwork into their culture, creating the building blocks for success. - Author: Ted Sundquist
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#2. Unlike a lot of other game companies that, once they launch a game, downsize their teams radically, our plan is to keep the team together and continue to focus on building content. - Author: James Ohlen
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#3. When you're a dreamer, heart break and failure come with the territory, but I can tell you it's worth it, because it's a way of living that is both moving and memorable. - Author: Lauren Fleshman
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#4. And I think it was the outline of that church tower at Belaugh against the sky which gave me a passion for churches so that every church I've past since I've wanted to stop and look in. - Author: John Betjeman
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#5. I am ashamed to tell you to how many figures I carried these calculations [of Pi], having no other business at the time - Author: Isaac Newton
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#6. Leaders #1 job is to help their people, teams, leadership, and culture, to be supporting People, Planet & Profits, in a Consciously Constructive Revolutionary Workplace... today. - Author: Tony Dovale
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#7. The building block of organizations should be small teams. Jeff Bezos, Amazon's founder, at one point had a "two-pizza team" rule,41 which stipulates that teams be small enough to be fed by two pizzas. - Author: Eric Schmidt
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#8. Teams Triumph When Today's Tribe Leaders Transform Their Mindset. - Author: Tony Dovale
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#9. I don't want to over generalize, but I believe that women are typically drawn to leadership styles that focus on consensus building, effective listening and working in teams. That's certainly been my leadership style, and I think it's been very successful. - Author: Margaret Hamburg
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#10. Losing is easy. It's not enjoyable, but it's easy. - Author: Bud Wilkinson
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#11. At Rackspace, I'm building a media house which will celebrate small teams who are having world-wide impacts through their building or use of new technology. - Author: Robert Scoble
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#12. What separates us from the animals, what separates us from the chaos, is our ability to mourn people we've never met. - Author: David Levithan
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#13. Guessing a thing ain't knowing a thing. - Author: Patrick Ness
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#14. If I could change the science system, my prescription for changing the whole thing would be organising it around big goals and building teams to do it. - Author: Craig Venter
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#15. Overcoming barriers to performance is how groups become teams. - Author: John Katzenbach
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#16. You are important enough to invest the time and energy needed for the change you want. Commit to becoming the person you wish to be and carve out the time for what needs to be done! - Author: Peter Walsh
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#17. I thank all of those deputies who supported the government and gave it a vote of confidence. I believe each of those votes represents a responsible decision to avoid placing our country's membership of the eurozone in danger. - Author: Lucas Papademos
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#18. Teamwork and trust trump ego and arrogance in building high performance sustainable successful teams. Rethink your team building ideas - Author: Tony Dovale
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#19. APM focuses on team management, from building self-organizing teams to developing a servant leadership style. It is both more difficult, and ultimately more rewarding than managing tasks. - Author: Jim Highsmith
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#20. I started off as a journalist when I was young and I did not get paid unless I wrote three stories a day. - Author: Ryan Murphy
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