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#1. My design has always been a derivative of people I meet. I want to translate who they are and their personality into a room. - Author: Jeremiah Brent
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#2. No revolution without sexual revolution. No sexual revolution without homosexual revolution. - Author: Bruce LaBruce
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#3. I have an appreciation for what some people would call "bad acting," but which I think can be much more real than the overly emotive, technical and supposedly "realistic" acting that is so prevalent in mainstream cinema. - Author: Bruce LaBruce
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#4. For me, the consolation of history resides in the fact that hypothetically returning to any point in time feels like coming home. - Author: Martha M. Moravec
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#5. I think, as you're growing up, your emotions are just as deep as they are when you're an adult. You're ability to feel lonely, longing, confused or angry are just as deep. We don't feel things more as we get older. - Author: Spike Jonze
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#6. Heterosexuality is the opiate of the masses - Author: Bruce LaBruce
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#7. Babies were dangerous ... they made you fall in love before you knew what was happening.
-Ella's thoughts - Author: Lisa Kleypas
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#8. Genuine Work alone, what thou workest faithfully, that is eternal, as the Almighty Founder and World-Builder himself. - Author: Thomas Carlyle
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#9. One thing I try to do with my work is to show that people who have extreme fetishes or who exist outside the constraints of "normal" society still have romantic impulses and are capable of love and tenderness. Sometimes people cannot or don't want to acknowledge that pornographers are people too! - Author: Bruce LaBruce
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#10. I have always been first and foremost a cinephile, so making references to other films is second nature to me. - Author: Bruce LaBruce
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#11. If you are going to call a film a 'black film' then you have to make a film that represents everyone that's black, which is almost impossible. That is why white films are not called white films, they are just called 'films.' - Author: Idris Elba
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#12. Science is you! It's your head, it's your dog, it's your iPhone - it's the world. How do you see that as boring? If it's boring, it's because you're learning it from a textbook. - Author: Mary Roach
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