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Top 12 Brooklyn Nets Quotes

#1. My net worth, that net works. Keep my shooters out in Brooklyn where the Nets work. - Author: Nicki Minaj
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#2. Reality can be entered through the main door or it can be slipped into through a window, which is much more fun. - Author: Gianni Rodari
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#3. Flattery is saying something nice in order to help yourself. Encouragement is saying something true in order help someone else. - Author: Kevin DeYoung
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#4. The day you stop loving your people, they're not your people anymore. - Author: James MacDonald
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#5. It's extraordinary that revolutions taking place around the world were sparked by communication on the Internet. - Author: Robbie Robertson
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#6. In respect to foresight and firmness, the people are more prudent, more stable, and have better judgement than princes. - Author: Niccolo Machiavelli
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#7. Girls enjoy complex social interaction. Their verbal skills - and their delight in using them - develop earlier than boys'. - Author: Brenda Laurel
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#8. I was afraid of what he might be able to see. Because all of a suddent it didn't feel like we were standing on the beach anymore. It felt like we were balanced on a thin, thin line. That fragile one that divides the invisible space between something and nothing, or before and after. - Author: Jessi Kirby
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#9. Azhrarn, Lord of Terrors, terrified. - Author: Tanith Lee
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#10. It would be a blessing to play in Brooklyn Nets . - Author: Lance Stephenson
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#11. As I have got older and become a father, there's less and less time for films. - Author: Paul Thomas Anderson
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#12. Raised in a brothel, I'd think such a sight common for you." He approached her slowly, his gaze caressing her as he drew close. "True." He drew a delicate pattern over her bare breasts and midriff. "But you aren't common, even if you do only have two breasts. - Author: Grace Draven
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