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Top 9 Broken Friendship Sad Quotes

#1. The general rule of law is, that the noblest of human productions -- knowledge, truths ascertained, conceptions, and ideas -- become, after voluntary communication to others, free as the air to common use."
~Louis D. Brandeis - Author: Louis D. Brandeis
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#2. I never want to be a passive observer of life's possibilities. - Author: Courtney Pierce
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#3. The place to begin the task of eliminating evil is within yourself. - Author: Gary Zukav
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#4. I have sworn to uphold and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and I will ... I have come to peace with myself, my God, and my cause. Blood will flow in the streets, Steve, Good vs Evil. Free men vs. Socialist Wannabe Slaves. Pray it is not your blood, my friend. - Author: Timothy McVeigh
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#5. I am not disputing the need for this money. What I am disputing and calling attention to is the fact that we are taking the tab for defense in our time against terrorists in the Middle East and elsewhere and shoving this tab off onto our children. - Author: John Spratt
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#6. If you see a player out in public having dinner, chances are he's with his boring money manager or some boring rich guy he hopes to design a golf course for. - Author: Dan Jenkins
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#7. There is no greater despair, than to tread with care upon ice that is already broken - Author: Johnathan Jena
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#8. I've wanted you," he'd murmured, his lips barely touching mine, "for so long. - Author: Jocelyn Davies
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#9. I'm a true believer that you have a moral obligation to keep your employees honest, and that is why you have controls, so I'm never tempted or put in a position where I could do something to defraud my employer. - Author: Frank Abagnale
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