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#1. Vich Deelish My heart is in the heart of my son And my life is in his life surely A man can be twice young In the life of his sons only.

F Scott Fitzgerald

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#2. I rather be weird than boring and bored.

Leigh Hershkovich

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#3. As long as I give the best performance I can give, I know I can't do any more.

Ella Henderson

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#4. My approach with actors is to try and give them whatever it is they need from me. Direction to me is about listening and responding and realizing how much they need to know from me and how much they have figured out for themselves, really.

Christopher Nolan

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#5. Walking together, matching our footfalls, we exit the lobby like two television district attorneys gunning for justice.

Sally Thorne

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#6. I know how to make other women look beautiful: from hair to makeup to wardrobe. So, I feel that I have a gift with imaging, and that's kind of fundamental to the music video process.

Nia Long

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#7. The more you can increase fear of drugs, crime, welfare mothers, immigrants and aliens, the more you control all of the people.

Noam Chomsky

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#8. Therefore the blind Jews are truly stupid fools ...

Martin Luther

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#9. Oh you're in my blood like holy wine
You taste so bitter and so sweet
Oh I could drink a case of you darling
And I would still be on my feet
Oh I would still be on my feet

Joni Mitchell

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#10. Most people say, 'Well, Earl, you sing the blues,' or however they want to categorize it. I just sing songs.

Earl King

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#11. Friends always forget those whom fortune forsakes.

Charlotte Bronte

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