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Top 35 British Open Sayings

#1. The most satisfying accomplishment for me was winning the British Open in 1996. But the most rewarding times were the times on the mini tours. - Author: Tom Lehman
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#2. To me, the [British] Open is the tournament I would come to if I had to leave a month before and swim over. - Author: Lee Trevino
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#3. As a kid, I remember John Daly bombing it around St. Andrews in 1995 to win the British Open, and people say we are similar in a lot of ways. - Author: Dustin Johnson
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#4. Wind is part of the British Open. It is an examination and it took me a long time to pass the examination. Eighty per cent of the fellows out there have not passed the test. - Author: Gary Player
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#5. I'm a guy who loves my family, and we're probably only going to have a couple of more babies. I have the rest of my life to play the British Open. - Author: Webb Simpson
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#6. When the British Open is in Scotland, there's something special about it. And when it's at St. Andrews, it's even greater. - Author: Jack Nicklaus
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#7. It often horrified the English community that she spent her time with local farmers and horse traders, eccentrics and mystics, but she valued expertise over convention and had long believed if you were going to make discoveries in the world you must first quit your Englishness and open your eyes. - Author: Sara Sheridan
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#8. I never felt I could be a complete professional without having won the British Open. It was something you had to do to complete your career. - Author: Arnold Palmer
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#9. I went over before the British Open and played Valderrama thinking that I might make the team, might be a captain's pick. I made the effort to go over there. - Author: Payne Stewart
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#10. There is something about Prince William and Prince Harry that brings real modernity to the British royal family. They are also very open, human, and kind, and this is what I have tried to capture in the pictures I have taken of them as well as in my pictures of Prince William and Catherine. - Author: Mario Testino
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#11. I would be open about the fact that, clearly, politicians should be able to speak to each other. David Cameron doesn't seem to accept this, but if the British people have voted then of course you have to try and provide good stable government. - Author: Nick Clegg
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#12. I can say I won a Senior British Open at Turnberry. I think that's the best thing about it, the whole week, was playing this course. It's a challenging, very tough course, under extreme weather. But you know, it's nice to win any event. - Author: Fred Couples
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#13. I think American guys tend to be a bit more forward, a bit more chatty and open than the Brits. The Brits seem to have a darker sense of humor, though I have met some Americans who have adopted bits of the British dry sense of humor as well. - Author: Hayley Atwell
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#14. I expect myself to do well. I'm not, like, 'Oh, well.' I'm not in that category just yet. I don't play great golf a lot anymore. I do it every now and then. I finished third in the British Open last year, so I know I can still do it. - Author: Fred Couples
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#15. To be able to hold all four majors - the Masters, U.S. Open, British Open, PGA - all concurrently I think is the Grand Slam. But a lot of people have a different opinions on that. People think you have to win it in the same calendar year. - Author: Tiger Woods
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#16. Obviously it's my second senior event, and I'm tired obviously coming back from the British Open, from surgery, which was priority No. 1, did that successfully, and each week since the British Open I've felt in pretty good control of my golf game. - Author: Greg Norman
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#17. [After her election to the British Parliament and being welcomed to 'the most exclusive men's club in Europe':] It won't be exclusive long. When I came in, I left the door wide open! - Author: Nancy Astor
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#18. I love 'I'm British But ... ' It's such a sweet, innocent, open-hearted film, and it has the sort of openness that I still aspire to with everything I do. It wears its heart, head, everything on its sleeve. - Author: Gurinder Chadha
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#19. Any golfer worth his salt has to cross the sea and try to win the British Open. - Author: Jack Nicklaus
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#20. When you sit in America you miss the open plains and you miss the sound of rain and the smell of rain and the smell of the veld. If you're African it's different and I don't think one will ever become an American or British. It doesn't matter where you move, you will always be a South African, - Author: Zola Budd
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#21. In Britain, these Jewish refugees were greeted with a mixture of grudging acceptance by some and open hostility by others. - Author: Thomas Harding
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#22. My job is to support businesses, that means promoting British commerce in the big emerging markets that have been neglected in the past. It means keeping Britain open to inward investors, trade and skilled workers. It means cutting red tape which is suffocating growing companies which create jobs. - Author: Vince Cable
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#23. My unbeaten record and the 10 British Open wins have not been equalled. - Author: Jahangir Khan
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#24. At the British Open, I had my opportunities, but the ball just didn't want to go in the hole on the back nine. - Author: Fuzzy Zoeller
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#25. To all companies large and small, I would say this: the British economy is fundamentally strong; we are highly competitive, and we are open for business. - Author: George Osborne
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#26. I think the British audience might be more open-minded with some of my imagery and weird choices. - Author: Adam Lambert
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#27. I am in the habit, like most British people, of holding the door open for people. But in the U.S., people don't understand it. You get odd looks or doors slammed in your face. - Author: Raza Jaffrey
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#28. I'd love to open a restaurant that changes every month. One month it would be a mom and bar spaghetti-and-meatball, Red Sox place, and the next it would be a British pub, and everyone gets in a fight. - Author: Graham Elliot
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#29. Americans are a lot more open, of course. There's something more declamatory in the way you express emotions. It's a stereotype but it's true. British people can appear repressed in expressing emotions. Not very good at self-evaluating, or affirming situations, touching, anything like that. - Author: Emily Blunt
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#30. Vijay Singh won a playoff in 2004 at Whistling Straits after a final-round 76, which was the highest last round by the winner of any major since 1938, when Reg Whitcombe won the British Open with a 78 in a storm that blew down the exhibition tent at Sandwich. - Author: Dan Jenkins
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#31. I'd like to see a much more open Monarchy, myself. I used to think they were completely useless and we should get rid of them. I don't necessarily feel that way anymore. I'm still ambivalent, I still loathe the British class system, and the Royal family are the apex of the British class system. - Author: Helen Mirren
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#32. What did I want with prestige? The British Open paid the winner $600 in American money. A man would have to be two hundred years old at that rate to retire from golf. - Author: Sam Snead
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#33. When Ballesteros triumphed at the British Open in 1979, for his first major win, he hit so few fairways off the tee that he was often mistaken for a gallery marshall. - Author: Dan Jenkins
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#34. I played the British Open in 1937. It took a week to get there and a week to get home. I was the low American; finished fourth or fifth. And what it came down to was, I lost a good part of my summer, won $185, and spent $1,000 on boat fare alone. - Author: Byron Nelson
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#35. It's quite true of everything: the British accent does open doors. - Author: Ryan Cartwright
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