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#1. I am Brister Fendlestick. Velcome to my hoomble home!

R.A. Salvatore

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#2. I paint as if I were Rothschild.

Paul Cezanne

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#3. Since when do you believe in 'meant to be'?"
"Since fucking ever, Georgie, pay attention. I'm a romantic."
"Just ask the parade of Saturday-morning girls."
"Parades are romantic. Who doesn't love a parade?

Rainbow Rowell

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#4. Humor may be the best way to transmit truth since all good humor must be based on an element of truth.

Mike Brister

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#5. I've always said that I benefit, as an actor, from not having the illusion of security.

Hal Sparks

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#6. I am a rose that grew from concrete. There was no soil, fertilizer or water to nourish me; just the hand of God to show that miracles can and do happen.

Teleah Scott

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#7. There's a lot of essay writing that could pass for journalism and journalism that could pass for essay. Some of it is just taxonomy.

Eula Biss

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#8. Love is magic. And you, my dear, are so in love; why, it shows in your every action, in your every breath.

Rachel Van Dyken

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