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#1. Had you crawled out from under my bed when I was a child, I would have bludgeoned you to death with my father's mace." Brishen - Author: Grace Draven
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#2. In a blacked-out house, stripped of all comforts, it's easy to turn your anger outward, to attack this city he's lying at the center of, with its filth and its pollution and its oppression, but really, New York is the only thing that's never abandoned him. - Author: Garth Risk Hallberg
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#3. I play better tennis because the court is there. - Author: Robert Frost
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#4. To grow up
is to find
the small part you are playing
in the extraordinary drama
written by
somebody else. - Author: Madeleine L'Engle
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#5. The rifle is the queen of weapons and its effective use is one of the greatest satisfactions available to man. - Author: Jeff Cooper
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#6. It's an easy thing to want someone, it's another to love them. - Author: Rachel E. Carter
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#7. This should never have happened, Brishen. We were unimportant, you and I. We weren't supposed to mean anything to anyone."
"Woman of day," he said slowly. "You mean everything to me. - Author: Grace Draven
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#8. There's more."

"Of course there is," Brishen said flatly. It had started badly; it turned worse and hinted at becoming ruinous. - Author: Grace Draven
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#9. Daryl sat next to Daquan and gently kissed his slumbering son on the forhead.He admired his features on the thick eyebrows they both shared.The boy had Mayc's nose and a mixture of his caramel complexion and Macy's hershey hue. - Author: C-Murder
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#10. Drugs and alcohol can be so destructive. - Author: Kyan Douglas
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#11. Well I think in a marriage you have to be honest and ask yourself, you know, what is my role? What is my responsibility? - Author: Hillary Clinton
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#12. My wife collects knickknacks. - Author: Sidney Poitier
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#13. I buy my Avengers tickets. But I think people are going to really get into seeing this other side of the world. - Author: Timothy Miller
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#14. I'm serious, Brishen. Promise me you'll not get yourself killed or maimed out there."
"I can't make that promise, Ildiko, but I can swear to do my best to come back with all arms and legs attached."
She frowned. "Your head too, if you please."
Brishen laughed then. "My head too. - Author: Grace Draven
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#15. Anger makes us all stupid. - Author: Kara Tippetts
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#16. Mind you, I've always been musical ... Mother used to sit me on her knee and I'd whisper, 'Mummy, Mummy, sing me a lullaby do,' and she'd say: 'Certainly my angel, my wee bundle of happiness, hold my beer while I fetch me banjo.' - Author: Les Dawson
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#17. The work of inspection was left to magistrates and clergymen. To the relief of employers, experience showed that magistrates and clergymen had no objection to law-breaking when its purpose was merely the torture of children. - Author: Bertrand Russell
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#18. I would have been content to live my life as just Brishen," he whispered into her hair. "Who was loved by Ildiko. - Author: Grace Draven
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#19. A constitution, as important as it is, will mean nothing unless the people are yearning for liberty and freedom. - Author: U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg
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#20. We have thousands of patients and family members who are dealing with dual devastation, cancer and the hurricane. - Author: Greg Anderson
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