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#1. With the awakening of his emotions, his first perception was a sense of futility, a dull ache at the utter grayness of his life. - Author: F Scott Fitzgerald
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#2. If Hillary gave up one of her balls and gave it to Obama, he'd have two. - Author: James Carville
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#3. Lady Ligeia," he began again, "is a woman in the literature who returns from the dead, taking over another woman's body to be with her true love."
"Oh, yes. Lovely" Isobel blanched. "I guess the other chick didn't mind at all? - Author: Kelly Creagh
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#4. We should every night call ourselves to an account;
What infirmity have I mastered today?
What passions opposed? What temptation resisted? What virtue acquired? Our vices will abort of themselves if they be brought every day to the shrift. - Author: Seneca.
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#5. Sometimes I might borrow something from a song I started a long time ago and see if I can grab something. - Author: Lucinda Williams
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#6. It used to bother me when people called me a pussy. But the joke's on them - after all, you are what you eat! - Author: Jon Schmidt
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#7. Sometimes you find your way and sometimes way finds you! - Author: Mehmet Murat Ildan
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#8. Life is just action and reaction, rationalizations are added later on - Author: Ibn-e-Safi
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#9. Living in China has made me appreciate my own country, with its tiny, ethnically diverse population of unassuming donut-eaters. - Author: Jan Wong
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#10. Talk to yourself at least once in a Day, otherwise you may miss a meeting with an EXCELLENT person in this World. - Author: Swami Vivekananda
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#11. America was indebted to immigration for her settlement and prosperity. That part of America which had encouraged them most had advanced most rapidly in population, agriculture and the arts. - Author: James Madison
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