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Top 14 Breast Cancer Victim Quotes

#1. Fairyland is a very Scientifick place. We subscribe to all the best journals.

Catherynne M Valente

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#2. All of today's DNA, strung through all the cells of the earth, is simply an extension and elaboration of [the] first molecule.

Lewis Thomas

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#3. I'm so good and so loving that men don't believe it.

Brenda Fassie

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#4. Religion separate people while the issues of life that all people share in common, bring them together.

Ellen J. Barrier

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#5. In her broadcasts, speeches, and newspaper columns, ER would challenge conventional thinking about women and work. "Isn't it a fact that women have always worked, often very hard?" ER asked an audience in 1936. "Did anyone make a fuss about it until they began to get paid for their work?"10

Stephen Drury Smith

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#6. If you are gonna live your life, just try to not be crazy, have fun but have some focus and some purpose and try to know what that is. If you don't know now, try to figure it out.

Joan Jett

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#7. I don't know how old my phone is, but it was only $10. It is a nice subconscious way of not having the Internet at your fingertips ... e-mail, Twitter or Facebook.

Andrew Luck

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#8. If you play for me, you play the game like you play life. You play it with pride, you play it with aggressively, and you play it as well as you possibly can.

Bill Martin

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#9. He killed the king's champion, the Captain of the Guard, Sir Galen. That's who Sareth's sister was in mourning for."
"You're going to tell me it wasn't by poisoning his mead?"
"Single combat."
"We're leaving." I called it from the corridor.

Mark Lawrence

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#10. To man, faith; to woman, doubt. She bears the heavier burden. Does not woman invariably suffer for two?

Honore De Balzac

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#11. Perhaps if I'd arrived donned in a pair of trousers, with my hair in a tangled mess - a style you apparently prefer - you'd have shown me the courtesy of granting an interview before sending me away.

Karen Witemeyer

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#12. It's utterly hypocritical for Israelis to wonder aloud why Palestinians don't pursue a non-violent strategy. One obvious reason is that, whenever they have, Israel brutally represses it.

Norman Finkelstein

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#13. Let's have the type of night where it's 5 a.m. and one of us has definitely punched someone who's been on a Disney Channel show.


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#14. Every individual matters and has a role to play in this life on Earth.

Jane Goodall

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