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#1. We can borrow from the moneylenders in York.'
'We burned York two winters ago,' Drogo pointed out. - Author: Robert Lyndon
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#2. There was a faded brown stain on the carpet and I wondered if a patient had once taken a shit in here in the middle of a session. I - Author: David Wong
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#3. My favorite colors come from the shades of local earth. Dig in the ground and you'll find so many layers of color-amazing yellows, sand, browns, black, beige. - Author: Axel
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#4. Eddie I'm not going to claim to be any expert in romance, but even I can tell that you're crazy about Jill."
He promptly looked away, though his blush betrayed him. "That's not true. - Author: Richelle Mead
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#5. A happy childhood is perhaps the most-fortunate gift in life. - Author: Dorothy Richardson
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#6. Without a twich of exertion, Redd sealed his lips with glue. "Who wants to kill him?"
The Cat raised a paw. Siren and Alistare raised their hands.
"Mmmmmm mmm mmm," protested Jack. - Author: Frank Beddor
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#7. I had a really nice childhood; I had great parents. I earned my allowance by washing dishes, and in the summer I earned my allowance by working in daddy's garden. - Author: Nikki Giovanni
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#8. We don't often talk about the fact that writing is all about rhythm. When you get too up in your head, you can lose a lot of your writing. Sometimes what a writer really needs to do is go dancing. - Author: Julia Cameron
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#9. The people that I represent in Illinois care passionately about protecting open space and safeguarding our nation's natural treasures, including the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. - Author: Robert Dold
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#10. So one day my mother sat me down and explained that I couldn't become an explorer because everything in the world had already been discovered. I'd been born in the wrong century, and I felt cheated. - Author: Ransom Riggs
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