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#1. A brane is a distinct region of spacetime that extends through only a (possibly multidimensional) slice of space. The word "membrane" motivated the choice of the word "brane" because membranes, like branes, are layers that either surround or run through a substance. - Author: Lisa Randall
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#2. I know from experience that nobody can give me a tip or a series of tips that will make more money for me than my own judgment. - Author: Jesse Lauriston Livermore
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#3. It hapens very often that parents think they are worred about the progress a boy is making. they do not realise that all boys are numskulls with o branes which is not surprising when you look at the parents really the whole thing goes on and on and there is no stoping it it is a vicious circle. - Author: Geoffrey Willans
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#4. Some branes are "slices" inside the space, but others are "slices" that bound space, like slices of bread in a sandwich. Either way, a brane is a domain that has fewer dimensions than the full higher-dimensional space that surrounds or borders it. - Author: Lisa Randall
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#5. For love is sufficient unto love. - Author: Kahlil Gibran
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#6. It is the special quality of love not to be able to remain stationary, to be obliged to increase under pain of diminishing ... - Author: Andre Gide
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#7. The mere existence of sanctions is not sufficient to ensure compliance. If no attention is paid to supervision, there is a risk that sectors that resist the requirements will not comply with them or will comply less thoroughly than they should. Regular and thorough supervision enhances compliance. - Author: International Monetary Fund
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#8. You abilities are too infant-like for doing much alone. - Author: William Shakespeare
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#9. What is deadlier than hate, and flows without limit?
Indifference. - Author: Eliezer Yudkowsky
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#10. Reality is simply the loss of ego. Destroy the ego by seeking its identity. Because the ego is no entity it will automatically vanish and reality will shine forth by itself. - Author: Ramana Maharshi
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#11. He has carried every point, who has combined that which is useful with that which is agreeable. - Author: Horace
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