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#1. Whiskey is carried into committee rooms in demijohns and carried out in demagogues. - Author: Mark Twain
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#2. The trouble with me is, I belong to a vanishing race. I'm one of the intellectuals. - Author: Robert E. Sherwood
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#3. He had the dog on a lead and he was still managing to be a boy with a dog and the dog was still managing to be a dog with a boy because not even a bomb gets to wipe out everything, - Author: Jeanette Winterson
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#4. It's hard for a hit to be bad for your career. - Author: Alex Winter
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#5. Success requires a persistent misreading of the odds. - Author: Tom Peters
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#6. There's a great frustration with the system. There's a lot of anger out there. But in the end, you need answers and not just anger. But anyway, let me not trespass too much into your politics. I've got enough problems in my own politics. - Author: Tony Blair
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#7. I was searching for the souls that would matched with mine and we can have a community together
but some of them are worried about my future and trying to make me centred on my life and they are acting like my enemies on the facts of life and realty. - Author: Sambalme
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#8. I see you're in a hurry to get someplace. It's a great mistake to hurry." "Why?" Joe asked, puzzled by almost everything the traveler said. "Because the grave's our destination," Mr. Sedgwick said. "Those who hurry usually get to it quicker than those who take their time. - Author: Larry McMurtry
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#9. But owning the pain, running through it, overcoming it, was a matter of self-will and discipline. - Author: Sandra Brown
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