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Top 10 Border Ruffians Quotes

#1. Type a few lines of code, you create an organism. - Author: Richard Powers
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#2. I never lose an opportunity to speak about my obsession: humankind and the environment. - Author: Yann Arthus-Bertrand
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#3. Knowing that what you are doing is the most important thing for you to be doing at that moment is surprisingly powerful. - Author: Daniel J. Levitin
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#4. People ask me how far I've come. And I tell them twelve feet: from the audience to the stage. - Author: David Lee Roth
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#5. I typically do yoga and I walk everywhere, and that's how I get my exercise. - Author: Heather Doerksen
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#6. People who made their dreams come true didn't simply go after it. They changed the person they were, in order to fit the type of person that would live that type of dream. - Author: Shannon L. Alder
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#7. I always feel like I want to do my career my own way. - Author: Famke Janssen
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#8. Someone, somewhere, needs to hear what you have to say.
We all share this wondrous planet, called earth.
And inevitably, we all must journey through the darkness.
Many people don't survive, but you can help! - Author: Delano Johnson
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#9. Age had drained the color from her eyes the way darkness drains the color from everything - Author: Brielle A. Marino
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#10. These are the things I never say to anyone anymore. Not because I don't want to say them - I want to scream them. But these are the things that no one else can bear to hear. - Author: Ally Carter
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