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#1. I think if you've won one, quit while you're ahead. I loved doing it, though. If you get an opportunity that great, grab it, as it won't come along again. Until I read in the papers I did it to 'rescue my career'.

Tony Blackburn

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#2. A nation must think before it acts.

Robert Strausz-Hupe

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#3. Find a need and fill it.

Ruth Stafford Peale

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#4. A leader is a person who has learned to obey a discipline imposed from without, and has then taken on a more rigorous discipline from within. Those who rebel against authority and scorn self-discipline
who shirk the rigors and turn from the sacrifices
do not qualify to lead.

J. Oswald Sanders

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#5. When I started writing, I was a great rationalist and believed I was absolutely in control. But the older one gets, the more confused, and for an artist I think that is quite a good thing: you allow in more of your instinctual self; your dreams, fantasies and memories. It's richer, in a way.

John Banville

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#6. I have my romantic moments - for sure.

Justin Bieber

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#7. Parents cannot expect advice to have the same force upon their children as experience has upon themselves.

Samuel Richardson

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#8. Keep your exclamation points under control. You are allowed no more than two or three per 100,000 words of prose.

Elmore Leonard

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