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#1. By the general process of epic poetry, I mean the way this form of art has constantly responded to the profound needs of the society in which it was made. - Author: Lascelles Abercrombie
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#2. The Room is a drama that is also a comedy that is also an existential cry for help that is finally a testament to human endurance. - Author: Greg Sestero
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#3. I think we ought always to entertain our opinions with some measure of doubt. I shouldn't wish people dogmatically to believe any philosophy, not even mine. - Author: Bertrand Russell
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#4. (A)ny time you buy weapons, or build an army, you begin to look for an excuse to use them. Plus, you pose more of a threat to others. - Author: Cinda Williams Chima
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#5. It requires writers to do two things that by their metabolism are impossible. They must relax, and they must have confidence. - Author: William Zinsser
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#6. Most of us would protest that of course we love our children without any strings attached. But what counts is how things look from the perspective of the children - Author: Alfie Kohn
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#7. Right now, when it comes to making an album, we really want to give our fans just Linkin Park. We don't want to water it down with anything else or confuse it with anything else. Meteora is just us and that's where our focus has been. So hopefully the fans can enjoy that. - Author: Mike Shinoda
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#8. Conversations flowed like the waters of a water-fall! And every time they met their conversations sparked flames like the forest caught in a wild fire! - Author: Avijeet Das
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#9. Rest. Heal. Sleep. I shall most likely kill you on the morrow."
"You? A Princess Bride quote?" I croaked.
"What is that?" she asked. - Author: Jim Butcher
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#10. Most often I am only interested in an idea if it's going to get hundreds of millions of users. That's the scale that I am always trying to play to. - Author: Reid Hoffman
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#11. There's no such thing as a wrong note. - Author: Art Tatum
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#12. So, basically if we keep trying to save the country and maybe the world from a bunch of murderous assholes with outer space weapons, then we're the bad guys?"
"In a nutshell."
"Then, hey ... let's be bad guys. - Author: Jonathan Maberry
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