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#1. A few years ago, when I had no work and started believing that films weren't a viable career, I thought of finding another job. I started training and riding horses and got consumed by that. It was a boon in disguise. - Author: Randeep Hooda
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#2. I commend you, Postumus, for kissing me with only half your lip; you may, however, if you please, withhold even the half of this half. Are you inclined to grant me a boon still greater, and even inexpressible? Keep this whole half entirely to yourself, Postumus. - Author: Martial
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#3. Friendship is the gift of the gods, and the most precious boon to man. - Author: Benjamin Disraeli
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#4. But I must say it has been, in general, a boon not to have been a beautiful woman. Because I was barely looked at, I was free to do the looking. - Author: Anna Funder
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#5. As a boy, he had been moved by those words of the dying Socrates, suggesting that if death were just one long, unbroken, dreamless sleep, then a greater boon could hardly be bestowed upon mankind. - Author: Colin Dexter
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#6. Prayer in the hour of need is a great boon. From simple trials to our Gethsemanes, prayer can put us in touch with God, our greatest source of comfort and counsel. - Author: Ezra Taft Benson
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#7. It is often said that the earth belongs to the race, as if raw land was a boon, or gift. - Author: William Graham Sumner
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#8. And fairy month of waking mirth
From whom our joys ensue
Thou early gladder of the earth
Thrice welcome here anew
With thee the bud unfolds to leaves
The grass greens on the lea
And flowers their tender boon receives
To bloom and smile with thee. - Author: John Clare
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#9. The lad, like many another, owed nothing to his father but his mere existence - Heaven knows whether that gift is oftenest a curse or a boon. - Author: Dinah Maria Mulock Craik
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#10. The dirty alliance between religious preachers and possessors of power brought the boon of prisons, gallows, knouts and above all such theories for the mankind. - Author: Bhagat Singh
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#11. As for the expected boon to the Mexican economy, we have seen none of these gains, and instead we have seen NAFTA's detrimental impact on the Mexican workers. - Author: Stephen F. Lynch
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#12. The children to whom we read simple stories may or may not show gratitude, but each boon we give strengthens the pillars of the world. - Author: Maya Angelou
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#13. They would be subject to no one, neither to lawful ruler nor to the reign of law, but would be altogether and absolutely free. That is the way they got their tyrants, for either servitude or freedom, when it goes to extremes, is an utter bane, while either in due measure is altogether a boon. - Author: Plato
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#14. Yet even then the music has still a quality stern and implacable, deliberate and without passion so much as immolation, pleading, asking, for not love, not life, forbidding it to others, demanding in sonorous tones death as though death were the boon, like all Protestant music. - Author: William Faulkner
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#15. Larry, wouldn't it be a fine thing, a swell thing, a boon to the community of man and to all creatures great and small, if this girl's soul was as ripe and stunning as her ass. - Author: Tom Robbins
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#16. Mills & Boon and Harlequins are like colourful jelly beans, you can't get enough of... - Author: Anne Ivory
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#17. The internet has been a boon and a curse for teenagers. - Author: J.K. Rowling
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#18. Josie, life is not a Mills and Boon book. People fall out of love. People disappoint other people and they find it very hard to forgive. - Author: Melina Marchetta
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#19. I was still an avid reader of Mills & Boon romances - on publication day, I used to rush out of work to get to the local book store to grab my favourites before they all disappeared. - Author: Penny Jordan
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#20. The advent of DVD/Blu-ray reissues of classic Hollywood and foreign films has been a boon to film buffs, who can now study their favorites in all their glistening detail and restored palettes. - Author: James Wolcott
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#21. Conscience, that boon companion who sets a man free under the strong breastplate of innocence, that bids him on and fear not. - Author: Dante Alighieri
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#22. Is there n-nothing you can do?" Parmida asked, wiping her tears away with the heel of her hand.
The unicorn laughed softly. "She asks for a boon after shooting me in the ass. - Author: Ash Gray
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#23. The ladder was there, from the gutter to the university, and for those stalwart enough to ascend it, the schools were a boon and a path out of poverty. - Author: Diane Ravitch
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#24. Death is an ill; 'tis thus the Gods decide: / For had death been a boon, the Gods had died. - Author: Sappho
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#25. What a boon to live on the water! Such delicious shades and hues! This is a template worthy of the greatest painters. The textures of sand and stone could inspire incomparable sculptures, and the sounds - the steady lapping of the waves, the sweet chirping of the birds, make this a sanctuary. - Author: Adriana Trigiani
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#26. Oh, there spoke the human! He is always pretending that the eternal bliss of heaven is such a priceless boon! Yes, and always keeping out of heaven just as long as he can! At bottom, you see, he is far from being certain about heaven. - Author: Mark Twain
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#27. I would regard meanings
given by others so far
as refreshing boon,
I would still be enamoured of rose
or any heartless flower's smell
if tender tides of your affection
had not suffused
the pollens of my heart
with loving aroma. - Author: Suman Pokhrel
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#28. Friendship, peculiar boon of Heaven, The noble mind's delight and pride, To men and angels only given, To all the lower world denied. - Author: Samuel Johnson
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#29. How can Life grant us boon of living, compensateFor dull grey ugliness and pregnant hateUnless we dareThe soul's dominion? Each time we make a choice, we payWith courage to behold the resistless day,And count it fair. - Author: Amelia Earhart
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#30. If the killer had really wanted to keep his victim's provenance hidden, he would have taken the head far away, or simply weighted it and thrown it into the fast-flowing tide of the Thames. The invention of the garbage bag had been a boon to murderers everywhere. - Author: Christopher Fowler
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#31. And let them pass, as they will too soon,
With the bean-flowers' boon,
And the blackbird's tune,
And May, and June! - Author: Robert Browning
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#32. The Clinton Administration has turned out to be a boon. I knew that he would be wonderful, I just knew it from the beginning. From Arkansas? Shoot. - Author: Pat Paulsen
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#33. She couldn't have told you whether it was because she was afraid, or because such a voice in the darkness seemed of necessity a boon; but she listened to him as she had never listened before; his words dropped deep into her soul. - Author: Henry James
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#34. Death would be a boon if only it could blot out the memories. - Author: H.P. Lovecraft
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#35. Procrastination has been a boon to my sobriety. I keep thinking I'd like to go out and get really trashed some night--but not tonight. It's really a variant of "One Step at a Time. - Author: Rob Dinsmoor
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#36. Texting is a fundamentally sneaky form of communication, which we should despise, but it is such a boon we don't care. We are all sneaks now. - Author: Lynne Truss
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#37. When we listen to the radio, look at television and read the newspapers we wonder whether universal education has been the great boon that its supporters have always claimed it would be. - Author: Robert M. Hutchins
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#38. Mortal birth is a boon to which only those spirits who kept their first estate are eligible. - Author: James E. Talmage
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#39. Prayer is, paradoxically, both a gift and a conquest, a grace and a duty. Does that not mean, is it not a special case of the truth, that all duty is a gift, every call on us a blessing, and that the task we often find a burden is really a boon? - Author: Peter Forsyth
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#40. The image of a well-dressed older woman making on a goopish spoonful of artificial boon spooge was running across the lobes of his brain like a stuttering nightmare. - Author: Christopher Moore
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#41. Fear is good. In the right degree it prevents us from making fools of ourselves. But in the wrong measure it prevents us from fully living. Fear is our boon companion but never our master. - Author: Alan Brennert
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#42. Writing for Mills and Boon taught me a lot of discipline. You have to produce books in a short time scale and four a year, and it teaches you a lot. - Author: Penny Jordan
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#43. Drawing used to be a civilized thing to do, like reading and writing. It was taught in elementary schools. It was democratic. It was a boon to happiness. - Author: Michael Kimmelman
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#44. Behold this little Bane- The Boon of all alive- As common as it is unknown The name of it is Love. - Author: Emily Dickinson
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#45. It is difficult to establish where the effects of a boon end and the influence of a curse begins. - Author: Devdutt Pattanaik
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#46. Sisterly love is one of the few boons in this life. - Author: Jane Bowles
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#47. Dodd-Frank was passed ... This is the biggest kiss that's been given to New York banks I've ever seen. This is an enormous boon for them. There've been 122 community and small banks have closed since Dodd- Frank ... I would repeal and replace it. - Author: Mitt Romney
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#48. Dignity and love were never yet boon companions. - Author: Henry Fielding
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#49. Dear Lord; we beg but one boon more: Peace in the hearts of all men living, peace in the whole world this Thanksgiving. - Author: Joseph Auslander
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#50. Our toil is sweet with thankfulness, Our burden is our boon; The curse of earth's gray morning is The blessing of its noon. - Author: John Greenleaf Whittier
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#51. Your theory of partial immortality is abhorrent to me. I would rather disbelieve in the immortality of my own soul than suppose the boon given to me was withheld from any of my fellow creatures. - Author: Fanny Kemble
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#52. Word For The Day BOONDOGGLE (BOON dahg'uhl) n. A pointless project. Work of no value, done merely to appear busy. Alternate Word ICKY (IK ee) adj. Very distasteful; disgusting. - Author: Deb Baker
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#53. It is amazing how much our lack of trust provokes God if we request of him a boon that we do not expect - Author: John Calvin
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#54. There is no boon in nature. All the blessings we enjoy are the fruits of labor, toil, self-denial, and study. - Author: William Graham Sumner
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#55. This is a place where you really are what you achieve in Houston, and that's a tremendous boon to this town. I think you'll find people who have succeeded because of that kind of open culture. - Author: Richard Kinder
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#56. Stay, little cheerful Robin! stay, And at my casement sing, Though it should prove a farewell lay And this our parting spring. * * * * * Then, little Bird, this boon confer, Come, and my requiem sing, Nor fail to be the harbinger Of everlasting spring. - Author: William Wordsworth
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#57. No riches from his scanty store / My lover could impart; / He gave a boon I valued more - / He gave me all his heart! - Author: Helen Maria Williams
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#58. You will fail at this. Often. Why is that a problem? In fact, this is a boon. It's a boon because when others fail to be remarkable or make a difference or share their art or have an impact, they will give up. - Author: Seth Godin
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#59. Chicago's privatization mania began during Mayor Richard M. Daley's administration, which ran from 1989 to 2011. Under his successor, Rahm Emanuel, the trend has continued apace. For Rahm's investment banker buddies, the trend has been a boon. For citizens? Not so much. - Author: Rick Perlstein
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#60. Whate'er my doom;
It cannot be unhappy: God hath given me
The boon of resignation. - Author: Woodrow Wilson
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#61. Women, you overheated dipsomaniacs, never passing up a chance to wangle a drink, a great boon to bartenders but a bane to us
not to mention our crockery and our woolens! - Author: Aristophanes
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#62. There are those who live and die giving love, without receiving any. And those who live life just taking, never giving. So the universe gives a boon to a few lucky souls: Who they love will love them back - all their lives. - Author: Psyche Roxas-Mendoza
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#63. My mother and father were never frightened of anything. They always felt that they should go through life happily and without fear, and they did that. And it was a great boon to my brother and myself. - Author: John Cassavetes
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#64. A hero isn't a hero until he brings the boon back to the tribe. - Author: Carlo Arellano
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#65. I think bolstering free trade is a boon to the dollar. - Author: Carly Fiorina
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#66. There are times, Kruppe murmurs, when celibacy born of sad deprivation becomes a boon, nay, a source of great relief. - Author: Steven Erikson
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#67. The boon that could be given can be withdrawn. - Author: Seneca.
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#68. To no man make yourself a boon companion: Your joy will be less but less will be your grief - Author: Marcus Aurelius
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#69. Green Gables has been translated into Swedish and Dutch. My copy of the Swedish edition always gives me the inestimable boon of a laugh. The cover design is a full length figure of Anne, wearing a sunbonnet, carrying the famous carpet-bag, and with hair that is literally of an intense scarlet! - Author: L.M. Montgomery
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#70. You as a whole person are thus unable to reconcile conflicts about anger and learn to tolerate and express anger in healthy ways. Inner turmoil and dissociation are maintained. - Author: Suzette Boon
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#71. How sweet the harmonies of the afternoon!
The Blackbird sings along the sunny breeze
His ancient song of leaves, and summer boon;
Rich breath of hayfields streams thro' whispering trees;
And birds of morning trim their bustling wings,
And listen fondly
while the Blackbird sings. - Author: Frederick Tennyson
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#72. Social media is the greatest boon to journalism since the printing press. - Author: Vivian Schiller
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#73. Dissociative parts of the personality are not actually separate identities or personalities in one body, but rather parts of a single individual that are not yet functioning together in a smooth, coordinated, flexible way. P14 - Author: Suzette Boon
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#74. The happiness of the domestic fireside is the first boon of Heaven; and it is well it is so, since it is that which is the lot of the mass of mankind. - Author: Thomas Jefferson
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#75. Life, which all creatures love and strive to keep
Wonderful, dear and pleasant unto each,
Even to the meanest; yea, a boon to all
Where pity is, for pity makes the world
Soft to the weak and noble for the strong. - Author: Edwin Arnold
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#76. A boy who could make his mother feel special inspite of his own ordeals is the boon from God in lieu of some good deed. - Author: Adhish Mazumder
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#77. All Jane Austen novels have a common storyline: an attractive and virtuous young woman surmounts difficulties to achieve marriage to the man of her choice. This is the age-long convention of the romantic novel, but with Jane Austen, what we have is Mills & Boon written by a genius. - Author: P.D. James
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#78. To never have been born would be the greatests boon of all ! - Author: Sophocles
Boon's Quotes #818954
#79. Parts of you are phobic of anger and generally terrified and ashamed of angry dissociative parts. There is often tremendous conflict between anger-avoidant and anger-fixated parts of an individual. Thus, an internal and perpetual cycle of rage-shame-fear creates inner chaos and pain. - Author: Suzette Boon
Boon's Quotes #817916
#80. Tis ever thus when favours are denied;
All had been granted but the thing we beg:
And still some great unlikely substitute
Your life, your soul, your all of earthly good
Is proffer'd, in the room of one small boon. - Author: Joanna Baillie
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#81. Youth is a silly, vapid state, Old age with fears and ills is rife; This simple boon I beg of Fate - A thousand years of Middle Life. - Author: Carolyn Wells
Boon's Quotes #816173
#82. If the teacher is truly enlightened, energy and light is always coming forth from them. To be in their physical presence is a great boon, not of the teacher but of that light which passes through them. - Author: Frederick Lenz
Boon's Quotes #807864
#83. To many men much-wandering hope comes as a boon, but to many others it is the deception of vain desires. - Author: Sophocles
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#84. It would be a great boon to know where we stand in this world, what is, what has been, what will be. And to know it absolutely. - Author: Stephen R. Lawhead
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#85. The Communists offer one precious, fatal boon: they take away the sense of sin. - Author: Murray Kempton
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#86. To have a liberal temperament is a kind of psychological boon, To be able to understand that someone you disagree with is not just a terrible creature but somebody with whom you disagree. - Author: Peter Gay
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#87. The Internet is a boon for hypochondriacs like me. - Author: Mary Roach
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#88. Complete freedom is as much curse as boon; freedom within strict and well-defined confines is, to me, ideal. - Author: David Byrne
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#89. Cosmetics is a boon to every woman, but a girl's best beauty aid is still a near-sighted man. - Author: Yoko Ono
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#90. And everybody will have what they never yet have had, a certain amount of that priceless boon, leisure
leisure to sit down and look at themselves, and inquire what it is they really mean, and really want, and really intend to do with their lives. - Author: Elizabeth Von Arnim
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#91. The woods were a boon; all too often, the forest offered danger and mystery. Yet it could be liberating. If you entered that wild place on its own terms, you might be accorded wisdom. - Author: John Burnside
Boon's Quotes #646863
#92. Truly, the bench is a boon to idlers. Whoever first came up with the idea is a genius: free public resting places where you can take time out from the bustle and brouhaha of the city, and simply sit and watch and reflect. - Author: Tom Hodgkinson
Boon's Quotes #646259
#93. In the midst of hopes and cares, of apprehensions and of disquietude, regard every day that dawns upon you as if it was to be your last; then super-added hours, to the enjoyment of which you had not looked forward, will prove an acceptable boon. - Author: Horace
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#94. The correct use of a strong cipher is a clear boon to sender and receiver, but the misuse of a weak cipher can generate a very false sense of security. - Author: Simon Singh
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#95. I have always suspected that too much knowledge is a dangerous thing. It is a boon to people who don't have deep feelings; their pleasure comes from what they know ... But this only emphasizes the difference between the artist and the scholar. - Author: Margaret Caroline Anderson
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#96. If you pray for bread and bring no basket to carry it, you prove the doubting spirit, which may be the only hindrance to the boon you ask. - Author: Dwight L. Moody
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#97. Maybe it was the novels I read - the racier Mills & Boon romances of late, Danielle Steel instructing me on international sex and sin. - Author: Manil Suri
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#98. A dirty mind is a terrible thing to waste. - Author: Elle Boon
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#99. The mix of soft-focus glamour,Mills and Boon romance and the inevitable feel-good ending is here, but what marks these films is an authentic core.Genuine, unaffected moments, long absent from 70mm movie content, are back. - Author: Anupama Chopra
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#100. I too mean to be out of politics. The ratification of the Fifteenth Amendment gives me the boon of equality before the law, terminates my enlistment, and discharges me cured. - Author: Rutherford B. Hayes
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