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Top 29 Books Of Humorous Quotes

#1. If the art of ship-building were in the wood, ships would exist by nature. - Author: Aristotle.
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#2. So many people want to live their lives and their dreams through their own Facebook page or their Twitter page. They want to show every detail of their life to everyone in the world. That scares me because I don't have any Facebook page or Twitter I don't like it, I don't want it. - Author: Emmanuel Petit
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#3. If we all learnt cat-speak, we would often find they are saying, "You stupid human, I am trying to tell you something important right now! - Author: Leah Broadby
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#4. Let me introduce you. Sophie, this is Miss Eliot, from the National Childcare Agency. Miss Eliot, this is Sophie, from the ocean. - Author: Katherine Rundell
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#5. Nice try, mister, but being cute won't save you. - Author: C.J. Milbrandt
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#6. Memory is like a box of chocolates. They disappear quickly. - Author: Leah Broadby
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#7. Despite the fact that he loves books and owns a bookstore, A.J. does not particularly care for writers. He finds them to be unkempt, narcissistic, silly, and generally unpleasant people. He tries to avoid the ones who've written books he loves for fear that they will ruin their books for him. - Author: Gabrielle Zevin
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#8. Emancipation of human nature inevitably brings with it scientific and technological progress. - Author: Liu Cixin
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#9. I don't laugh that much, but I do like humorous books, and I like to entertain readers that way. - Author: Jonathan Ames
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#10. He spent whole days and nights over his books; and thus with little sleeping and much reading his brains dried up to such a degree that he lost the use of his reason. - Author: Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra
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#11. Your children are not the same. Not at all. Each one is unique. There are no "boiler plate" clauses that fit all children. They are like snowflakes with their own patterns and their own shapes and their own sizes. - Author: Bob Benson
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#12. Japan is the first nation in the world to accord 'comic books'
originally a 'humorous' form of entertainment mainly for young people
nearly the same social status as novels and films. - Author: Frederik L. Schodt
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#13. A comedian is better than a politician; at least there is no doubt. - Author: Bangambiki Habyarimana
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#14. Basset Hounds never get scared. We're fearless, resolute and know how to season a good lamb chop. - Author: Elias Zapple
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#15. I'm afraid that, in this chapter we must talk about sex in a very explicit manner, because we want to expand the Frontiers of Human Understanding and also we want to sell as many books as possible to adolescent boys. - Author: Dave Barry
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#16. One of the things I love about labeling myself as an author is that I can read books and call it "researching writing styles."
Mike Mankoff - Author: Mike Mankoff
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#17. Lending books to other people is merely a shrewd form of housecleaning. - Author: Joe Queenan
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#18. This is no tall story. Nor is it a short story. Indeed, a story cannot be measured, for their realities stretch far beyond a page or one person's life. - Author: Leah Broadby
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#19. When you're part of an illegal government conspiracy, your actual job description gets hazy. [...] If you're working off the books, but the books don't officially exist in the first place, have you really gone rogue, or are you just putting in unpaid overtime? - Author: Craig Schaefer
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#20. Behind every humorist who delights in knifing hypocrites is a major self-critic. - Author: Wendy Aron
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#21. He left not knowing where he was going, he got there not knowing where he was, and he came back not knowing where he had been. But history books will point out Columbus as the person who made the Americas available for exploitation. I guess I can make the same kind of ridiculous claim. - Author: Herschell Gordon Lewis
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#22. He was thirty-six years old, and six foot three. He spoke English to people and French to cats, and Latin to the birds. He had once nearly killed himself trying to read and ride a horse at the same time. - Author: Katherine Rundell
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#23. The world is Absolutely Brilliant. Difficult sometimes. Confusing often. But humorous almost always. - Author: Henry L. Walton
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#24. If you don't speak then you are not heard, and if you are not heard then you don't really exist - Author: Anuranjita Kumar
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#25. My scientific work is motivated by an irresistible longing to understand the secrets of nature and by no other feeling. My love for justice and striving to contribute towards the improvement of human conditions are quite independent from my scientific interests. - Author: Albert Einstein
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#26. I do not do free e-books. I occasionally like to eat that thing you people call "food". - Author: Carla H. Krueger
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#27. The first sign that Karma was now in cahoots with the Devil Incarnate to ruin her existance should've been before sunrise and pre-coffee. - Author: Kelly Moran
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#28. Books are temporary , dicks are forever - Author: Gillian Flynn
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#29. Once I got home, though, and saw several packages on my front porch, all the crap from the day disappeared. A few had smiley faces on them. Squealing, I grabbed the boxes. Books were inside
new release books I'd preordered weeks ago. - Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
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