Top 12 Body Measurement Quotes

#1. A woman's magnetism is not a body measurement.

Riley Murphy

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#2. I went to prison for my hacking. Now people hire me to do the same things I went to prison for, but in a legal and beneficial way.

Kevin D. Mitnick

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#3. I used to measure the skies, now I measure the shadows of Earth.
Although my mind was sky-bound, the shadow of my body lies here.
[Epitaph he composed for himself a few months before he died]

Johannes Kepler

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#4. By faith we receive the saving grace of God that delivers us from guilt and sin. In love we participate in the victorious struggle of God against the principalities and powers of evil.

Gabriel Fackre

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#5. Relationships take work. It isn't true love if things go smoothly.

S.R. Crawford

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#6. There can be no greater spiritual accomplishment than to come through brutal trials and then look back and see that mean times did not render us mean spirits.

Barbara Kingsolver

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#7. New Yorkers were grateful when Donald J. Trump finished ahead of schedule and under budget in renovating the Wollman Memorial Rink, where the city had spent six years and $12 million trying to produce ice.

Andrew Rosenthal

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#8. I've asked about you and they told me things but my mind didn't change and I still feel the same.


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#9. The only people don't suffer those are the ones who never do anything

Laurie Graham

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#10. Maybe we're all out there, floating by ourselves in some big black void. But we build connections, you know? We build our own worlds with the people we love.

Hank Moody

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#11. The Supreme Court has declared that such a plea of nolo contendere "admits guilt for the purposes of the case.

George W. Stocking

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#12. Every face of life demands endurance.

Lailah Gifty Akita

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