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Top 14 Bob And Roberta Smith Quotes

#1. I think the years leading up to 21 were a bit more fun than 21 and beyond might be. - Author: Christa B. Allen
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#2. Well, just remember
all your misery will be waiting for you at the door upon your exit, should you care to pick it up again when you leave. - Author: Elizabeth Gilbert
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#3. Seriously, how was it possible that this huge, sexy male even existed? - Author: Savannah Stuart
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#4. I prefer winter and fall, when you can feel the bone structure in the landscape
the lonliness of it
the dead feeling of winter. Something waits beneath it
the whole story dosen't show. - Author: Andrew Wyeth
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#5. It is the job of the human brain to assemble all the input of our world - sights, sounds, smells - into a coherent narrative. This is what memory is, a carefully calibrated story that we make up about our past. - Author: Noah Hawley
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#6. I know where there is more wisdom than is found in Napoleon, Voltaire, or all the ministers present and to come - in public opinion. - Author: Charles Maurice De Talleyrand
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#7. Look at 4chan culture, which is the ultimate version of shedding your IRL [in real life] identity - you don't even keep a consistent screen name from thread to thread. That's very important to them, this belief in the possibility that what I do online is completely separate from who I really am. - Author: Arthur Chu
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#8. To be given the opportunity to help shape new artists' careers and mentor them to see their dreams come to fruition is a task I welcome with open arms. - Author: Christina Aguilera
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#9. Location is a very important aspect to songwriting. - Author: Ken Hill
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#10. What is important is not the quantity of your knowledge but its quality. You can know many things without knowing the most important. - Author: Leo Tolstoy
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#11. Everything flows, nothing stands still.
Heraclitus, 501 B.C. - Author: Heraclitus
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#12. If I were to agree to write the music for your beautiful poem, it would tie your poem up for some years as I have agreements and obligations which I must respect. - Author: Jules Massenet
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#13. I don't think people understand that being poor means you have to work from dawn until dusk just to survive through the day. I think there's some notion that poor people lie about all day not doing anything. - Author: Emma Thompson
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#14. Don't say, 'What will we eat?' Or, 'What will we drink?' Or, 'What will we wear?' People who are ungodly run after all of those things. - Author: Roger Quy
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