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#1. I state for the record that I have never sought funds from any POW family, nor led them to believe in any way that we were going on a mission to rescue their specific missing loved one. - Author: Bo Gritz
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#2. A spider web of 'patriots for profit', operating from the highest positions of special trust and confidence, have successfully circumvented our constitutional system in pursuit of a New World Order. - Author: Bo Gritz
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#3. I went overseas hoping to prove that all our POWs were home. I came back convinced that they were still alive. - Author: Bo Gritz
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#4. I believe certain members of the U.S. Congress have aided in the oppression and diversion of critical information that could have revealed a fullness of truth long ago. - Author: Bo Gritz
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#5. What did you do on Armistice Night? My beloved is mine and I am his! - Author: Ford Madox Ford
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#6. Still I was concerned that politics would get between us and our POWs. - Author: Bo Gritz
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#7. A distressingly large portion of the world doesn't do you any good whatsoever. - Author: Charles Frazier
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#8. We held the team together for as long as possible and then sent all except the most critical personnel home. - Author: Bo Gritz
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#9. The final effort came when our reconnaissance team reported contact with the POWs and their guards by radio near midnight at a pre-arranged crossing site. - Author: Bo Gritz
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#10. I believe that presidents up through and including George Bush have known that Americans were left alive and in violation of law, these high officials and certain of their appointed subordinates have continued and perpetrated a cover up of this reality. - Author: Bo Gritz
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#11. During the mission, Walter Jones, a team member was given a package containing bone fragments by a Lao. The source said they were from a crash site. He presented photographs showing himself in company with others digging around obvious aircraft debris. - Author: Bo Gritz
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#12. This is my friend, Sebastian.' 'Best friend,' I blurted out and then wanted to punch myself in the face for sounding so dumb. At this rate, I'd be painting nails with her any day now. Thank God, Jaden wasn't here. - Author: Nyrae Dawn
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#13. The fact is that the Vietnamese held Americans after 1973. - Author: Bo Gritz
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#14. My father loved people, children and pets. - Author: Tony Visconti
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#15. The fact is that Americans were sent to Russia that have not been returned. - Author: Bo Gritz
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#16. Turkey has a young and growing population. Until recently, this was perceived as a problem, a burden that Turkey would bring to the E.U. But it is, in fact, an asset that can help the population deficit of the E.U. and the economic growth of Turkey. - Author: Ali Babacan
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#17. The few that pray at all pray oft amiss. - Author: William Cowper
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#18. I went to Ft Bragg and learned that Delta was indeed gearing up for the rescue. Still I was concerned the Reagan staff would not be willing to take the risk of sending an official military force into Laos. - Author: Bo Gritz
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#19. I have no interest in managing my financial affairs. - Author: Ken Livingstone
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