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#1. There is no Christianity unless first there is repentance. And it is not just, "Well, I am guilty." It is not just a conviction. It is a conviction plus a desire to turn away from those things. - Author: Brian Richardson
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#2. Love is the greatest corrupter ever known and has been the numbers one downfall of mankind since the first creation. - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
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#3. For no one should consider anything his own, except perhaps a lie, since all truth is from Him who said, I am the truth. - Author: Augustine Of Hippo
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#4. The radio is not for listening to. It is for displaying in the kitchen, so that invited guests will consider you an intellectual."
- Tony Bulmer - Author: Tony Bulmer
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#5. I looked in the mirror once more. The new clothes felt like salt on the raw wounds, but they covered the worst of it, and I looked less alarming, less confronting, less hideous. I smiled at the mirror. I was practising, trying to remember what it was like to be me. - Author: Gregory David Roberts
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#6. With my son, I work very hard to keep him away from the press and media and I want an opportunity for him to lead as normal a life as possible. - Author: Corey Feldman
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#7. Nature wants us to enjoy life to the full and die without giving it a second thought; Christianity wants the opposite. - Author: Charles-Augustin Sainte-Beuve
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#8. We simply must do everything we can in our power to slow down global warming before it is too late ... We can save our planet and also boost our economy at the same time. - Author: Arnold Schwarzenegger
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#9. Suddenly, both Archer's and Jenna's hands clamped down on my wrists. - Author: Rachel Hawkins
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