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Top 13 Blazing Saddles Quotes

#1. My first film was a movie shot in 1974. I was 18 on that movie set. It was called 'Big Bad Mama.' I turned 19 on the next movie I worked on, which was a black 'Blazing Saddles.' I worked in the art department. It was called 'Darktown Strutters.' - Author: Bill Paxton
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#2. I can't remember when I've liked a character as much as I've liked young Lyle Rettew, or when I've cheered one on so hard, despite the fact that he's clearly crazy and his quest is doomed. A thunderous debut, and the beginning of what will surely be a breathtaking career. - Author: Pinckney Benedict
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#3. Life is obsession and so is reading :D - Author: Rukamanee Maharjan
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#4. One person's garbage is another person's commodity. - Author: Aleksandar Hemon
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#5. A dream my girlfriend and I have is to move to New York for a year or two because we just love the city. I would take some acting classes. - Author: Daniel Bruhl
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#6. But we will lose the millions of records being created daily in a dizzying array of electronic forms unless we find a way to preserve and keep them accessible indefinitely. - Author: Allen Weinstein
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#7. Sporting chivalrous contest helps knit the bonds of peace between nations. Therefore may the Olympic flame never expire. - Author: Adolf Hitler
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#8. There were five writers on Blazing Saddles. - Author: Dom DeLuise
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#9. In the end ... he would choose Campisi.
In the end ... she would choose Abandonato.
In the end ... there would be bloodshed. - Author: Rachel Van Dyken
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#10. No one knows how to make going to orbit orders of magnitude safer and orders of magnitude more affordable. - Author: Burt Rutan
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#11. 'Blazing Saddles' is one of the funniest movies ever made. - Author: Adam McKay
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#12. 'Tropic Thunder' is one of my favorite movies of all time. 'Blazing Saddles.' Anything that will get me to smile. - Author: John Cena
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#13. In the right circumstances, MDMA reduces or sometimes eliminates the neurophysiological fear response to a perceived threat to one's emotional integrity ... With a barrier of fear removed, a loving and forgiving awareness seemed to occur quite naturally and spontaneously. - Author: George Greer
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