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#1. You will not be asked about your culture in your grave. And you will not be judged based on your Father's last name. When the trumpet blares, there will be no more kings, only slaves. And your family traditions will not be able to keep you safe.

Boonaa Mohammed

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#2. It is the plight of man. And while the blame lies partly on the river " Lotus gestures towards the dark waters before us "most of the blame lies on man's inclination to tune into the noise that blares all around him instead of the beautiful silence that lies deep within.

Alyson Noel

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#3. Children playing while in the background the TV blares with screams, gunfire and rape-murder scenes. It seeps in.

Bryant McGill

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#4. I believe that love cannot be bought except with love.

John Steinbeck

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#5. But a hero should be somebody who can lift up other people with his courage and dedication.

Michael Phelps

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#6. Into this life of cruel wonder sent,
Without a word to tell us what it meant,
Sent back again without a reason why -
Birth, life, and death - 'twas all astonishment.

Richard Le Gallienne

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#7. I always felt like Broadway was not for me - in terms of ticket price, in terms of what was on there. I never saw myself reflected in the mirror of the Great White Way.

Katori Hall

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#8. I believe that all people from the humanity which are dead. Aren't really dead, they are just out of the stage and they are on the chairs and they are watching the Endless Film.

Deyth Banger

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#9. I didn't major in math. I majored in miracles, and I still believe in them, too.

Mike Huckabee

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#10. In 50 years - or 20 years, or 200 years - our current epistemic horizon (the Big Bang, roughly) may look as parochial as the horizon Newton had to settle for in his day, but no doubt there will still be good questions whose answers elude us.

Daniel Dennett

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#11. When you know your reason for existence, it should effect the decisions you make.

Patrick Lencioni

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#12. You know, it's cigarettes that killed Jerry Garcia. Everyone thinks it's heroin, but it wasn't. It was cigarettes.

John Mellencamp

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#13. Rogues, would you live forever?

Frederick The Great

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