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#1. We shall experience the final defeat of liberalism not when immigration but when emigration is forbidden - Author: Jo Grimond
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#2. James might have enjoyed the day, but Hawk's mood was black and the girl's even blacker. The camp was like a battle line. - Author: Kat Martin
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#3. Lovingly crafted and super-creative cupcakes are not exactly on tap in my household after a full day at work, and I do not blame my mother for a second that they were not on tap in hers, either. - Author: Emily Oster
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#4. This is laid down with a groove funkier and blacker than anything Prince of Michael Jackson
or any other black artist of the recent years for that matter
has come up with. - Author: Bret Easton Ellis
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#5. Just as the waves can subside to reveal the stillness of the ocean's depths, so too is it possible to calm the turbulence of our mind to reveal its natural pristine clarity. - Author: Kathleen McDonald
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#6. Now the Fates are here on the beach, three shadows blacker than black, walking through the dunes and looking for their own. Just shadows, lamb-white hands beneath black robes spun of tears, glide among the celebrants on this night wherein the spirits of Thebes have found a home, if serendipitously. - Author: Janet Morris
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#7. African leaders work really under severe limitations and constraints. - Author: Mo Ibrahim
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#8. Once you've left the concept of family, you've left the concept of kingdom - Author: Bill Johnson
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#9. The Negro comes in many colors. Dark. Black. Blacker. Blackest. Blacker than night. Black as hell. Black as tar. - Author: James McBride
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#10. We are the first to honour the memories of those who perished through slavery, by declaring August 1 as Emancipation Day. - Author: Anthony Carmona
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#11. They were jet, those wings, as deep as the sky, as black as Eoduin's hair - no, blacker, for they were dull, unoiled. They gave off no sheen in the light, no gleam to the eye. They drank up the light and diminished it: they were wings of pure shadow. - Author: Meredith Ann Pierce
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#12. If I could find anything blacker than black, I'd use it. - Author: J. M. W. Turner
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#13. I can't have brown hair for some reason. I don't think it goes with my skin tone. The second I see it turn brown in the sun, I dye it black - the blacker the better. - Author: Kylie Jenner
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#14. I'm blacker than Barack Obama. I shined shoes. I grew up in a five-room apartment. My father had a little laundromat in a black community not far from where we lived. I saw it all growing up. - Author: Rod Blagojevich
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#15. I was a newborn vampire, weeping at the beauty of the night. - Author: Anne Rice
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#16. To me, the black black woman is our essential mother, the blacker she is the more us she is and to see the hatred that is turned on her is enough to make me despair, almost entirely, of our future as a people. - Author: Alice Walker
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#17. Powell to say: " 'I wish I was blacker. I'd like to be as black as you are, Miles.'"(3) - Author: Peter Pullman
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#18. Loving God is like my being black. I just am. [No one says] 'You know what? I'm gonna be blacker today!' It's my culture. It's not something I put on or take off or show more. You just communicate that in the way you live your life. - Author: Angela Bassett
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#19. To participate requires self-discipline and trust and courage, because this business of becoming conscious, of being a writer, is ultimately about asking yourself, as my friend Dale puts it, How alive am I willing to be? - Author: Anne Lamott
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